Staying warm as winter returns to Atlanta

Photo courtesy of Blake Israel

As wind gusts and cold fronts settle in, students must adjust their wardrobes to keep up with the chilly weather on campus. With most students walking to class, staying warm is crucial. 

Staying prepared for the cold means staying stocked on all the winter essentials. 

Take these tips and tricks into account when prepping for the cold winter ahead.

Arguably the most important tip: layering is a great way to stay warm during the winter season. 

Rather than spending copious amounts of money on a huge puffy jacket that will attract looks as you trudge across Tech Green, the Technique would suggest layering. This entails wearing warm t-shirts, fuzzy socks, thinner jackets, raincoats, cardigans and so on, on top of one another. Another benefit to layering is that it can be fashionable. A turtleneck with a denim jacket on top is both warm and a fashion statement. 

One thing about Atlanta weather is that unexpected rain should always be expected. Whether it’s a drizzle or a downpour, getting caught in the rain is never fun. Keeping an umbrella and a rain coat or poncho on hand is a good idea in order to avoid a surprise shower. 

Another trick that can be easy to forget is checking the weather every morning before leaving for class. What may seem like a bright and sunny day can quickly turn gloomy and overcast in the 404. 

A quick check of the weather app will let you know what rain gear to pack before you’re stuck running across campus in the pouring rain. 

Although this might seem like an obvious answer, wearing something to cover your ears and your hands makes all the difference. 

A cute beanie or some earmuffs and gloves are essentials this winter. Try wearing a Tech beanie so that you can sport the Institute’s logo as you traverse across campus.

Gloves are also pretty important to prevent frozen fingers. Our personal favorites are the touch screen gloves. We are always carrying our phones around, so it is convenient to not have to take your gloves off every time you go to text your crush back or check your class schedule when you’re out and about on campus.

A recurring trend that the Technique has seen each winter for the past few years is fleece. 

Everything from fleece jackets to fleece-lined leggings seem to be in style and multi-functional. 

Soft to the touch, fleece keeps its wearer toasty while also looking good. 

Fleece can be styled in different ways. It can line your leggings, jackets, beanies and even mittens and gloves. The Technique would suggest investing in some fleece-lined clothing to help keep you warm this winter. 

Nothing beats a good quality jacket in the winter. As the temperatures drop, hoodies and sweatshirts just don’t cut it anymore. They cannot withstand the chilly wind gusts and precipitation. Investing in a fashionable but functional jacket that will keep you warm regardless of the temperature is definitely worth the money. 

Students tend to underestimate the cold because we live in the South, but we’re often surprised at how low the temperature dips and just how cold it gets even here in Atlanta. 

Take it from someone who made the same mistake: a good jacket is a necessary investment.

Make sure to prepare yourself for the winter weather here on campus. 

Deck yourself out from head-to-toe in warm clothing to stay cozy this winter. 

The icy temperatures shouldn’t stop you from making it to your 8 a.m. on the opposite side of campus. Combat the cold with the provided tips and stay warm this winter. 

Jackets, let’s end this semester fully prepared for whatever the weather and exam season has in store for us!