Celebrating Buzz’s 50th Birthday

Buzz tries to read the Technique in the Student Publications office. Buzz, Tech’s beloved mascot, is often seen around campus spreading school spirit and interacting with the student body. // Photo by Josh Kim Student Publications

2022 marks 50 years since the Institute’s beloved mascot, Buzz, made his first appearance in 1972 by Judy McNair. 

Throughout history, he has been well-known for his big personality even without the ability to communicate through speech, and he is considered the main source of school spirit as he brings the party to each Tech event he attends.

In celebration of his recent birthday, the Technique was able to interview him, asking all of the questions that students have been dying to know. Buzz may be famous on campus, but he still holds much mystery when it comes to who he really is.

Technique: How do you get prepared for game day? 

Buzz: “Lots of honey and my hype music.”

Game days are some of Buzz’s busiest times throughout the school year. It is easy to assume that one must have some routine or ritual in order to prepare for the hard work that sporting events entail for the school mascot.

Hopefully one day, he can come out with a game day playlist to excite Tech students.

Technique: What is the best part about being the mascot?

Buzz: “Getting away with anything. Free stuff.”

Buzz is a simple guy that can be happy with very little. Buzz’s fame certainly does let him do things on campus that most others could not. The Technique cannot blame him for liking free stuff because who doesn’t? 

Technique: What did the process of becoming the mascot entail? 

Buzz: “When two yellow jackets love each other very much…”

Believe it or not, there is a way for students to become involved with the Buzz team here on campus. Tryouts will be held through the month of October, and all students have to do is fill out the application by the 14th. The Google Forms application is linked in their Instagram bio, @buzz_gt.

Technique: What is the most challenging part about being the mascot? 

Buzz: “Balancing the fame and fortune.”

If students needed any more convincing as to why they should try out for the position, these are the only heavy burdens one must carry with the job. Buzz is here to set the record straight that being the mascot is not as easy as it seems.

Technique: Are there any surprising facts about being the mascot that you would like to share? 

Buzz: “My wings actually work, it just wouldn’t be fair if I flew.”

The ability to fly combined with all of Buzz’s other talents would certainly put the rest of the campus at a disadvantage. The Technique would like to apologize in advance for how many times Buzz will be asked to fly in the future.

Technique: Have you ever stung anybody? 

Buzz: “Why have a stinger if you’re not going to use it?”

We cannot recall any incidents of Buzz stinging students that attend the Institute, so hopefully this treatment is reserved for rivals only. Clarification may be requested the next time the Technique interviews the mascot.

Technique: What do you get at Blue Donkey? 

Buzz: “17 shots of espresso.”

This answers the frequently-asked question of why the Yellow Jacket has so much energy. The Technique does not recommend this coffee order for anyone other than the enthusiastic mascot.

Technique: How do you get through game days when the weather is hot? 

Buzz: “I hold water in my stinger like a camel.”

The more you know… This may also be an answer to why his stinger moves with such fluidity when dancing or on the run. 

Technique: Favorite Tech tradition? 

Buzz: “Me? Midnight Bud is a close second.”

Midnight Bud is a fantastic tradition here at the Institute that is a great way to relieve stress during finals. On an unknown day around 10 p.m., the Brittain Quad will start to fill with students as they sing fight songs and run all over East Campus. It connects students together and serves as a nice distraction from the constant studying.

Technique: If you could give any piece of advice to students right now, what would you tell them? 

Buzz: “Support your student-athletes. Come to games, be loud, drink more, get more naked, THWg!”

The Technique can definitely get behind Buzz’s statements on supporting student-athletes and attending games with enthusiasm. But, we can’t 100% claim to know what the mascot means with his advice. Buzz could not have concluded this interview any better than with the good word. Happy Birthday, Buzz, and THWg!