How to survive Atlanta heat waves this summer

Students explore campus while the Atlanta heat bears downs on them. As the temperature rises, make sure to follow these tips to say cool. // Photo by Janat Batra Student Publications

As July rolls in, the Institute has already dealt with two months of hot weather. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come.

Already feeling the effects of triple-digit temperatures and 100% humidity, surviving the sustained heat that is approaching is a whole different ball game.

The boiling weather may currently be deterring you from going outside, but remember that internalized conversation you had with yourself when it was below freezing or raining sheets. If you cancel plans due to the weather, the unfortunate truth is they will never happen since Atlanta loves to give exactly what we do not want.

So how can you ensure that the heat does not affect your plans this summer?


You can’t control the weather, but you can react to it. Do not get caught off-guard by the weather — check the forecast and ask the important questions. Is there a chance of rain? How long will I be out?

Make a getaway bag, or even add essentials to your backpack. Stock it with sunscreen, water, a light snack, an umbrella some- times and even an extra pair of socks (for when you eventually get blind-sided by the rain).

Why fight hard — when you can fight smart, by packing all the summer essentials to stay safe.


As much as you would like to move a mountain, it is nearly impossible to. It is even harder to move the sun.

Try to switch between indoor and outdoor activities, limit your time in the midday sun and take advantage of cloudy days.

It definitely is challenging to plan around the environment. However, it ensures that the positive vibes last.

Additionally, these changes do not have to be drastic. While hiking, this could look like taking a five minute break under the shade of a tree to combat direct sunlight.


Along with all these suggestions, it is crucial that you drink water. Even stadiums bend strict rules of external products for one sealed water bottle per person to curb heat-related injuries. As much as an iced coffee seems appetizing, remember to also take a sip of water here and there to hydrate.

Understanding the signs of heatstroke, which include nausea, headache, dizziness and being unable to sweat, may seem extreme until you have to treat yourself for it. It is always better to understand the signs and symptoms leading up to an illness to identify as you approach your limit so you can take the correct steps to not surpass it.

While the Atlanta heat reigns down on us, it is important that we take initiatives and actions to protect ourselves and survive the scorching sun.