A look inside the mind of Buzz

Buzz tries to read the Technique in the Student Publications office. Buzz, Tech’s beloved mascot, is often seen around campus spreading school spirit and interacting with the student body. // Photo by Josh Kim Student Publications

Earlier this semester, members of the Technique staff sat down for an exclusive in-person interview with the Institute’s beloved mascot and manager of mischief, Buzz. 

To see a video of the interview, visit the Technique’s website, nique.net

This is the second portion of that interview, with more in-depth questions about our favorite Jacket, answered by Buzz himself. 

Buzz is the playful cornerstone of Tech’s campus, and can be seen at most Tech sporting events or prancing around campus doing his famous walk. 

If Buzz is nearby, everybody knows. 

The identity of those inside the costume is kept secret until those who play the character graduate. 

The first ever Buzz was debuted by Judy McNair in 1972, who would don the character at football games in a homemade costume. 

In 1980, Buzz officially became part of the cheerleading squad at Tech, and ever since has been a pure delight for those on campus. 

The interview was the  most talkative the Tech  student body has ever seen Buzz. 

Given that he is an insect, the Technique was very impressed by Buzz’s willingness to discuss a variety of pressing issues about Tech’s campus. 

Before the in-person interview began, Buzz said the few minutes of preparation were already the longest he had ever sat down in a single place.

Buzz’s responses give students insight into the mind of a mascot.

Technique: Buzz, the floor is yours.
Imagine someone did not know who you were (impossible, we know), how would you explain who you are?

Buzz: I’m the brand ambassador of awesomeness. The embodiment of school spirit. I am legend.

Technique: It is no secret you sometimes get up to some mischief. Any comment?

Buzz: No comment without my attorney present.

Technique: Do you have an alter ego? Is it George P. Burdell? 

Buzz: No, but no one has seen us in the same room together.

Technique: What does it take to be Buzz?

Buzz: Strong wings, killer thighs and a winning personality.

Technique: How much time do you spend improving your physique?

Buzz: Every waking moment … and Yellow Jackets don’t sleep.

Technique: What is your major?

Buzz: Underwater Basket Weaving.

Technique: Do you read the Technique? What is your favorite section?

Buzz: Yes, sports.

Technique: Was it you who stole the T in 1969? 

Buzz: No comment.

Technique: Can you fly?

Buzz: Duh.

Technique: What happens if someone calls you a “bee”?

Buzz: Natural selection.

Technique: If you and Hairy Dawg wrestled, what would you do to win?

Buzz: There are a lot of ways to use a stinger.

Technique: Are y’all friends?

Buzz: THWg

Technique: Did you ever get a concussion when you ran into the goal post at football games?

Buzz: Only if you do it right.

Technique: Can you do the splits?

Buzz: Depends on the day.

Technique: Have you gone down the water slide in the CRC?

Buzz: I am not allowed in there anymore.

Technique: How heavy are the flags you wave at games?

Buzz: Somewhere between four … 500 lbs. Really engages the glutes.

Technique: Should we have a Buzz signal on the top of Tech Tower for whenever enemy mascots are sighted?

Buzz: As long as it’s not on Fridays; I’m off on Fridays.

Technique: What do you think of the oncoming powerhouse that is Blooper in the sports mascot power rankings?

Buzz: I love the Braves, but I cannot condone Blooper’s actions in Athens.

Technique: Which celebrity do you most want to meet?

Buzz: Zendaya

Technique: Who should play you in the biopic about Buzz?

Buzz: Barry Bee Benson

Technique: In order to maintain air-speed velocity, a swallow needs to beat its wings forty-three times every second. Is
that true?

Buzz: According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.