Student Center beam signing marks milestone

Students sign the last construction beam to go into the new Campus Center project. Students and faculty signed their names, majors and school pride related messages on the beam. // Photos by Taylor Gray Student Publications

As the end of the semester approaches, one of the largest construction projects on campus, the renovation of the old student center, has reached a major milestone. Since the structure of the new building is almost completed and construction greatly progressed, Jackets came to sign and top the final beam.

In classic Atlanta style, the topping out of the final beam was delayed from March 31 to April 2 due to inclement weather. The outdoor signing was located near Tech Green, where students, staff, faculty, friends and alumni alike had all participated in leaving their mark on the student center.

Participants at the beam signing signed their name and major, or included a message related to Tech as a sign of school spirit.

To follow COVID-19 protocols, participants used sanitized Sharpies, wore face masks and socially distanced.

Eventually, on the bright and sunny April 2, the structure of the renovated student center was completed as the signed beam was placed.

It is nice to see progress, as the area has been shut down due to construction since June 2020.

The idea for a student center renovation, has been many more years in the making, beginning in 2005 after a Strategic Assessment was conducted with architects.

The assessment clearly showed issues with the outdated student center, including a lack of space.

A 2016 referendum with over 5,000 student votes was intended to approve the necessary funding for the Campus Center project.

The Campus Center project, which was split into two phases, Phase I and Phase II, appears to be well on its way to completion.

With the project slated for completion in Fall 2022, the renovated student center is bound to introduce new functionality.

By moving out allocations such as the Paper & Clay space to the pavilions, new functionality will be present.

Student organization support space will give students services and space to increase engagement and meet their goals as student leaders.

With two theaters, larger Tech Rec and ample seating, the new three story student center hopes to serve the Tech community.