Experience more of Atlanta using MARTA

Using MARTA to get around the city can allow students to explore more of Atlanta than Tech’s campus. // Photo by Dani Sisson Student Publications

Many students go days without leaving campus, staying only in their Tech bubbles and ignoring the city around them. Though it might be nice to go and explore the city in theory, it always seems difficult to plan.

However, the difficulties of planning a city excursion do not have to be the reason you never leave campus. MARTA, though inherently flawed, has a wider expanse than many of us might immediately think.

Though its reach is limited, you can still fly around the city with ease and without traffic if you plan your route correctly.

If you plan on using MARTA regularly, look into purchasing a Breeze Card for $2.

A one-trip single use MARTA ticket is $2.50. There are also other flexible options, such as MARTA Passes, that can be found on itsmarta.com.

The Technique is offering you some of the best places to go in Atlanta to eat, learn and shop, all by utilizing MARTA trains and routes.

Take advantage of public transportation this spring to explore the city around you.


Get off at Doraville station for good food and lots of fun. Within a few minutes’ walk (albeit on a busy road), you can reach numerous trendy restaurants.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar offers sushi at your fingertips, with a conveyer belt conveniently delivering sushi to you and your friends. H -Mart in Doraville and Buford Highway Farmers Market offer diverse and unique grocery shopping.

Happy Karaoke offers cheap karaoke for a group of you and your friends (a ten person room is $40 an hour).


Antique Row is a highlight at the Chamblee Station. Antique Factory, a short walk from the station, is a highly recommended antique store. There, you can find vintage furniture pieces and designer clothing from the ‘60s. It can be a little pricey, but lovely to stroll through.

Atlanta Chinatown offers convenient shopping for Chinese accessories, with stellar dim-sum restaurant Oriental Pearl attached at the end.


Get off here for shopping at the somewhat elegant Lenox Mall.

This area can feel a bit contrived at times, but it can be fun to pretend to be a trust fund baby at Phipps Plaza, complete with a trip to Versace. (Note: if you carry a 64-oz soda into the Versace, you might blow your cover!).

Arts Center

Get off at this stop for the nearby High Museum of Art, which is always a fun excursion to explore which exhibits and artists are currently being featured.

The walk from Arts Center through the Ansley Park neighborhood to Piedmont Park is worth your time.

The homes there are gorgeous and secluded, giving you a slice of Beverly Hills in the heart of Atlanta.

North Avenue

This is the most convenient station to leave campus, but do not discount the many attractions nearby.

The Georgian Terrace is a historic and gorgeous hotel in the heart of Atlanta.

Strolling around the lobby and admiring the ballroom is an extremely enjoyable experience that cannot be missed.

Walking up and down North Avenue is an important Atlanta experience.

One feels as if they’re at the edge of an empire. It is filled with a good bit of nostalgia you do not find elsewhere in the city nor on campus.

Peachtree Center

Downtown is severely underrated by Tech students. Architecture buffs can find much to marvel at just by walking around its streets, unlike Midtown.

Though the area can sometimes either be devoid of people or extremely touristy, it is important to walk through the area to anchor your sense of placement in Atlanta.

King Memorial

This is a great stop to stroll through Oakland Cemetery, with its great views of the city, gorgeous gardens and historic tombstones that are the final resting place for many famous Atlantans.

A bit of a further walk will take you to the oak-filled Grant Park with its surrounding Victorian homes.

Edgewood / Candler Park

Candler Park is a well-known and well-loved neighborhood in Atlanta.

The homes are gorgeous and the neighborhood has a very warm vibe.

Additionally, you can go thrifting at Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points, or get some tea and samosas at Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party.


If you’re looking to drop some cash, the restaurants in Decatur are the place to do so. They are pricey but so delicious.

Favorites include The Iberian Pig, offering Spanish-style tapas in a lowkey, dark-lit atmosphere.

Cafe Alsace offers a slice of Strasbourg right here in Georgia. It is filled with French trinkets and memorabilia and is a very lovely place for a meal.