Home Park, UHouse, The Mark: Right for you?

UHouse, located in the heart of Midtown, is popular among Tech students looking to move off campus into their own apartment. // Photo by Garrett Shoemaker Student Publications

Off-campus housing is a popular option for students who want some freedom away from the Tech campus, or perhaps just a laundry machine that actually works. Atlanta has a lot to offer. The areas surrounding the Institute are wide-ranging in their personalities, price ranges and distance from campus.

To the north of campus lies Home Park, a neighborhood built in 1901 for steel mill workers and saturated with century-old homes, each one unique and (likely) slightly run down.

Directly west of campus in the Howell Mill/Marietta Street area are a smattering of newly-built apartments for students who want close proximity to campus but distance from Midtown.

M Street Apartments, 935M and Westmar Student Lofts have all become popular choices in recent years.

Further to the east is University House (UHouse), an apartment building nestled in the heart of Midtown and overlooking the highway. Catty corner to UHouse is The Mark, a building with similar aesthetics but a shorter walk to the nearby liquor store.

Here we provide you with student opinions on three off-campus locations: Home Park, UHouse and The Mark.

The Technique sat down with Emily Buchanan, third-year CE major and Home Park resident; Madi Nichols, second-year ChBE and Home Park resident; Jasmine Ramirez, second-year ChemE and The Mark resident; Brendan Wilson, third-year BA and UHouse resident; Adam Pendry, third-year CS and UHouse resident; and Zach Connor, second-year AE and UHouse resident.

What is the best thing about your housing situation?

Buchanan: I have a pet cat and a chill landlord I never see. You can get away with anything.

Wilson: Distance to Tech Square and East Campus

Pendry: Living with my own big bed and own bathroom.

Connor: The location is by far the biggest perk of living in UHouse. Your apartment overlooks the city, you’re across the street from Publix, and Midtown is a very small walk away. I also love my roommates, but this isn’t necessarily a UHouse exclusive bonus. I can only compare UHouse to on-campus apartments, but comparatively, the rooms are much nicer, the new rates are significantly cheaper than on-campus housing, and maintenance requests get filled at a much faster rate.

What is the worst thing about your housing situation?

Buchanan: Ants. Ants all over the kitchen. And super old super gross kitchen appliances.

Nichols: The house is pretty old, so it looks a little dingy in some places.

Connor: UHouse has a lot of bugs and roaches. The kitchen doesn’t have very much prep room. The common space is fairly small.

Ramirez: It’s very far and I feel like I’m always wasting energy.

What advice would you give to students looking for off-campus housing?

Buchanan: Start looking early and get a group together the same size as the house. Landlords are more likely to sign you to the lease if you fill the house, because they really just want your cash.

Wilson: Look early in the academic year, as most options are limited by the time spring rolls around.

Pendry: Take your time (even if there are deals) and listen to other students’ experiences.

Ramirez: Make sure you have your priorities because no one place will have it all. If you want closer [to campus] it’ll be more expensive, if it’s really cheap it’ll be kind of old and run down but still pretty nice compared to campus.

What is your favorite spot near your current home?

Wilson: Whole Foods, Tech Square, Peachtree Street.

Pendry: Publix 10000%

What are some traditions and quirks exclusive to your neighborhood?

Nichols: I don’t know about traditions but the houses in general are pretty quirky and eclectic.