Paper and Clay: meet people while making art

Photos by Taylor Gray Student Publications

While midterms are taking place and stress levels are on the rise, many may be wondering where to go to escape from the hectic buzz of class and homework. Tech’s “Paper and Clay,” located on the third floor of the Student Center, might just be the escape students have been looking for, as they can explore their more creative and artistic sides during these times of mental strain. 

In order to learn more about this space, the Technique sat down with one of the student managers at Paper and Clay. 

“It’s the one place on campus where I am not stressed out,” said fourth-year AE Jessica Grimmett. “It has a different vibe than everywhere else. It is very calming and fun even despite all of the print orders.”

Second-year BME Bailey Moore visited Paper and Clay for the first time last week and agreed with Grimmett about Paper and Clay being a safe space to relax. 

“I really enjoyed my visit to Paper and Clay,” said Moore. “The atmosphere was so calming and it was such a great stress relief for me to go and paint ceramics with some of my friends after a really long week. 

“They had a really great playlist playing throughout the space too. I would definitely like to go back sometime.”

Paper and Clay provides a wide array of services and activities to students including poster printing, the “Inspiration Area”, ceramic painting, workshops and classes, as well as sewing machines and pottery wheels available for use in the facility. 

The “Inspiration Area” includes unlimited access to paint brushes, paint, beads, yarn, fabric, markers, crayons and many other art supplies for only ten dollars for every hour of use. Upcoming workshops include ones on candle making and tie-dye, among
other projects. 

Grimmet stressed that these opportunities, especially the classes, are open to students of all artistic levels and backgrounds. 

“The classes are for both beginners and more experienced artists. Most classes are geared more towards beginners but we just started advanced pottery classes this semester for people who are more experienced and have taken classes before. We have classes of all levels but most are definitely geared towards beginners,” said Grimmett. 

“Free Fridays” marks another initiative launched by Paper and Clay in which students can come in and do a specific craft like Halloween decor, newspaper lanterns or mask making for free. Other festive celebrations include a “Winter Market” craft fair that will be hosted in December. 

Alongside all of the exciting activities going on this semester, groups can rent out the “Inspiration Area” or tables in the back of the space to work on ceramics any time of the school year. Students and groups can also reserve the pottery wheels if they are interested in creating ceramics of their own. Walk-ins are also welcome, but it is recommended to reserve the space for larger groups.

“I think it is really important that we have a space like Paper and Clay on campus, especially at a STEM school like Georgia Tech,” said Grimmett. 

“There is not really a place like this anywhere else on campus. Of course we have Ferst Theater and DramaTech but there aren’t really art classes you can take on campus other than the ones offered here. It’s important to have a place like Paper and Clay for people who are looking to make art and who enjoy doing stuff like this.”

In order to keep up with all of the upcoming events, students can follow Paper and Clay on Facebook or at