Jackets swarm to Six Flags Over Georgia

Photo courtesy of SCPC

On Sept. 20, the Student Center Program Council (SCPC) hosted its annual Georgia Tech Night at Six Flags. This signature event, offering discounted tickets and free transportation, drew around 5,000 members Tech community for an exclusive experience at one of Atlanta’s most popular destinations.

“Six Flags is one of my favorite Georgia Tech traditions,” said SCPC President Andrew Dinka. “It might not be as wacky as RAT caps or Midnight Bud, but, like those, it’s one of many things that really help connect our whole community and make Tech a little more like home.”

For some students, Tech is geographically located not too far away from home. 2nd-year CS Emma Barron is one such student, who grew up in a neighboring suburb of Atlanta and had even been to Six Flags before GT Night.

Barron shared how her latest experience at the amusement park differed from a previous visit.

“I had a great time,” Barron said. “Previously, I’d only been to Six Flags with my family. We went once during the summer. It was hot and crowded, with long lines. I had a good time, but I didn’t think I’d come back. However, GT Six Flags night was an opportunity to go off-campus with my friends and do something fun … I had never been to an amusement parks with any of my friends from college.”

For other students, Tech is located thousands of miles away from home. To travel back home to China, 2nd-year CE major Shuangyue Cheng must first travel through 12 time zones and cross hemispheres before arriving home. For Cheng, GT Night at Six Flags served as her first time at the amusement park.

“GT Night at Six Flags is definitely a good experience, especially for international students. As far as I know, many Chinese students only go to Six Flags once throughout the school year, which happens at the GT night.

“It’s like a fall outgoing event for all of us to take a breath in busy school days and makes me and my friends closer through the exciting rides. It is really amazing to meet people you know anywhere in the park,” said Cheng.

“The most rewarding part of any event, big or small, is when we see someone who catches their breath, makes a friend, smiles a bit, and — for even a small moment — feels a little extra joy in their day,” President Dinka said.

“I’m really proud of the work we do, but we also know that we can always reach more students, try new events, and do more to have an even greater impact on campus.”

SCPC’s next events will include a private screening of Joker at Landmark’s Midtown Art Cinema on Oct. 3 as well as a week of festivities leading up to Homecoming.