Rae Sremmurd rocks McCamish at fall concert

Photo by Tom Hightower

McCamish Pavilion was lit up with energy on Friday night as the men’s and women’s basketball teams unveiled the long-awaited Adidas uniforms in conjunction with SCPC’s annual fall concert.

The night opened with the acknowledgment of this season’s players in their old Russell uniforms. The players walked out to hype songs that they had selected, and then proceeded to mess around on the court with the coaches and other students in a brief shoot out.

The atmosphere shifted as the lights dropped and the announcer’s voice rumbled over the speakers. The Adidas uniforms were then shown in pairs, as one woman and one man from each team came out in. The uniforms were created in three colors — navy, white and gold. Shortly after the unveiling, one of the local radio station spokesmen went around to interview students about their favorite uniform. It seemed that the all-around pick was the navy version, reflecting the excitement regarding the release of the navy football uniforms earlier this semester.

The teams retreated into the locker rooms while the DJ on stage kept the crowd going in anticipation for the duo Rae Sremmurd, the headliner of the concert. The Atlanta duo drew a large crowd of students and nearby residents alike, with hit songs under their belt such as “No Flex Zone” and “Black Beatles”.

After an energetic performance filled with photo-ops, contributions from Coach Josh Pastner and an amount of profanity that may have had President G. P. “Bud” Peterson cringing in some corner of the stadium, Rae Sremmurd wrapped up. Students flooded out of McCamish with a renewed energy and appreciation for Adidas’ creative team.

The night did not end there as social media flooded with comments and praise for the uniforms, as well as for the performers themselves.