Has the holiday spirit gone too far?

Photo by Casey Gomez

“In September?” said Ashton Hattori, second-year EE, when asked her opinion on this week’s topic, whether holiday spirit has gone overboard. The incredulous response sums up Tech students’ general opinion when it comes to celebrating the holidays: everything in its time, but September is not the time.

While temperatures remain in the 90s, often over 10 degrees above the September monthly average of 82 degrees Fahrenheit, fall celebrations have been in full swing for a month now. Even more extreme, retail stores have continued their tradition of selling decor far before anyone logical would think of decorating.

Tech students have something to say about it. Some students like celebrating the holidays year-round, like second years Adeline Boswell, ChemE, and Anthony Limiero, AE. “People are too cynical, and all we need is Christmas joy. Always, even in September,” Limero said.

“There is nothing wrong with playing jingle bells in September,” Boswell said. “It’s totally normal.”

Mary Hartness, second year LMC, was also a big proponent of spreading holiday cheer.

“For me, holiday spirit is not as much about the material things as it is about the sights and smells and spending time with family who I normally don’t get to see,” Hartness said. “I always get really excited for the holiday season, so I think personally holiday spirit has a positive impact on me, but I do understand how companies take advantage of people during the holiday season, and people have a lot of pressure to get that perfect gift.”

No matter how much they might love the holiday, some students dislike certain aspects of the early holiday celebrations, like stereotypical autumn food, decorations or store displays.

“Pumpkin spice lattes definitely did come out too early. It was like 90 degrees when they came out,” said Hattori.

Many students pointed to stores as the culprit of inappropriately early holiday spirit and reason for so much disdain.

David English, fifth year IE, agrees. “I actually love Christmas so much, but it comes out before Thanksgiving even sometimes,” said English. “Oftentimes, as soon as Halloween stuff is over, Christmas stuff is already started. No. It’s too soon.”

English dislikes the timing of store holiday displays because it overlooks the less decorations-oriented holidays like Thanksgiving.

“You have to experience the season that you’re in and not look forward to the next one before it gets here,” English said.

Despite the unseasonable weather, take a moment to enjoy the season you are in, whether that is with Halloween decorations galore, a pumpkin spice latte while studying for midterms or just getting outside during unseasonably warm fall afternoons.