How to get out of a rut

Design by Lauren Douglas

Feel like your days are repeating themselves? Between class, recitation, studying and — if you really have your life together — working out, life at college can get repetitive. It can be hard to get out of a rut once you fall into one, so here are some tips for the next time you need to switch things up.

Try something new

If you feel like every day is the same, step outside of your comfort zone: try out a new hobby that you normally might not. Go to that club meeting you see advertised everywhere, visit Paper & Clay to exercise your creative side or stop by the CRC for one of the many specialized classes they offer.

Dipping your toes into a few new groups and activities could help you find a new passion, and it will still let you spice up your old routine.

Set Goals

When it seems like nothing you do in your day-to-day life has any effect, it can get pretty boring and disheartening. To counter this, take some time to set specific, attainable goals that you can realistically work toward every day.

Whether you want to finally read a book in your free time, learn how to cook something other than pasta or apply for a few internships, having goals will give your days a little extra purpose — and make you feel great when you actually accomplish them.

Treat yourself

If you find yourself feeling overworked and bored with it all, try exercising a little self-care.

Letting yourself recharge will help you approach things from a new perspective, so take a mental health day, slap on a face mask, eat a slice of cake and have some well-deserved you time for a change.


Exercising mindfulness is an important step toward understanding what exactly makes you feel stuck. Journaling can help you put your thoughts into words and figure out how you’re spending — and wasting — your time.

Focusing on your actions like this can help you hone in on what makes you unhappy and what makes your days drag. Meditation is another way to become more conscious of your attitude and world-view.