Seniors reflect on their time at Tech

Photo by Brenda Lin

Tech will celebrate its spring 2018 graduates on May 4 and 5 at Commencement at the end of this semester.

As students prepare to commemorate their accomplishment of making it through Tech, many also feel nostalgic about the campus they have called home for four years (or more.)

The Technique asked graduating seniors to reflect on some of their most treasured memories from their time at Tech.

Arielle Perez, fourth-year BA, shared one of her most favorite moments of Tech campus camaraderie.

“I’ll never forget when we had the snow day last December,” Perez said. “It was so funny to see people coming out of their finals to find Tech Green more like ‘Tech White.’ So many people were building snowmen, and others were starting snowball fights. Usually during finals, everyone is a little less energetic, but the Tech spirit was alive and well — it was a good time for everyone.”

For some, the best moments of the Tech experience, specifically those that came about during  the course of classes, involved simple strength in numbers and bonding over Tech authority and Institute laws.

Joseph Hooper, fifth-year CS, recounted the details of his experience:

“One time I got to class and the teacher didn’t show up for fifteen minutes. One kid said we were legally allowed to leave. So we did.”

Others reflected on the support systems that have helped to mentally and emotionally sustain them throughout their years at Tech.

Rani Tilva, fourth-year BA, reflected on her experience at Tech’s convocation.

“When I went to convocation as a freshman, I remember going with people who were complete strangers — I thought ‘why are they sitting next to me?’” Tilva said. “After, we took a photo at this random photo booth. Looking back, it’s on my wall now, and when I see it I think, ‘Wow, we’re actually still friends.’ But at that moment when the photo occurred, I had no idea who they were. It’s funny to see how one small moment has turned into lifelong friendships over the past four years.”

While graduating students can reflect on sleepless nights and dismal quiz grades, they can also view their experience from a different perspective. Oftentimes, students discover their passions while at Tech.

Alix Macklin, fifth-year ME, shared one such experience.

“I came in biomedical engineering, and was convinced to switch to ME,” Macklin said. “I love Georgia Tech. My favorite activities have been doing research and being an undergraduate research ambassador trying to get more undergraduates involved in it.

“Tech just has so much to offer, so I try to take advantage of all that. I did study abroad; I did an internship. Everyone says you can actually do it all at Georgia Tech and that’s the truest statement in my opinion.”

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