Virtual Career Fair

This fall, Georgia Tech Center for Career Discovery and Development is hosting the Virtual Career Fair, powered by CareerEco’s Virtual Event Solution. The event will take place on Sept. 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and is open to all Georgia Tech students and alumni.

The Virtual Career Fair is an opportunity for those seeking internships, co-ops and full-time positions to learn more about the represented companies and to speak to recruiters in a variety of settings.

The fair is convenient for all candidates because it takes place entirely online, allowing both candidates and recruiters to cut down on travel time and expense.

However, attending the Virtual Career Fair does not mean that students can simply roll out of bed and send a few online messages while in their pajamas.

Candidates should still dress in a professional manner and find a quiet environment because some portions of the virtual experience include video chats.

At first glance, the Virtual Career Fair may seem like a more impersonal option to some; however, in many ways it can provide a more one-on-one experience than a traditional career fair. Instead of being lost in a crowd of faces, candidates can participate in individual video chats with company representatives.

In this way, the virtual format serves as a valuable alternative to the traditional career fair setting.

This platform also helps recruiters with the process of reaching back out to candidates after the event has taken place. In addition, it provides more opportunities for students to find jobs and for companies to find employees because of the high volume of people that can attend at once; both candidates and recruiters can participate from various locations without worrying about being on Tech campus at a specific date and time.

Candidates of all majors are welcome to this virtual event, and students can preview the companies attending the event online.

The CareerEco website includes specific details about companies that will be represented, the positions that are available and the range of majors and disciplines they will be looking for.

The website is also designed with helpful features, such as a button that allows users to express interest in a company, and comprehensive schedules for the time frames that recruiters will be hosting chats.

CareerEco allows candidates to plan out the entire career fair experience and provides the option to link to an existing online calendar, such as Google Calendar.

The site also provides details about the types of positions offered and their locations, and
includes a filter to help candidates find a position that is right for them. This allows candidates to quickly hone in on the exact positions they are interested in.

In addition, the virtual environment creates more opportunities to communicate than a traditional career fair. It enables users to conduct multiple conversations simultaneously and through different channels; for example, each company will host its own chat room, but recruiters also have the option to set up individual video chats.

This career fair is also has advantages over major-specific career fairs because it is open to all majors and its webpage provides lists of not only people from broad fields that may be interested in the position, but also a list of more specific disciplines.

Companies such as VDOT, Aptean, Motorola Solutions and Stanley Black and Decker will be participating in the Virtual Career Fair. For a full list of companies and to view other upcoming fairs, go to

The Virtual Career Fair takes place on September 20th, after other career fairs have already occurred on campus. This makes it a great opportunity for those who are unsatisfied with the results from traditional career fairs to try out the virtual option and see if it is more compatible with their goals.

Visit to register for the Virtual Career fair on Sept. 20.