A review of the FASET experience

Photo by David Raji

Most every student at Tech has gone through FASET, either extremely recently, or long ago. The two-day program, whose name stands for “Familiarization and Adaptation to the Surroundings and Environs of Tech”, continues to serve as a good number of students’ first impressions of their college experience.

“Throughout the day, students are exposed to various aspects of campus life, starting from campus safety all the way to meal plans,” said Bryn Thornburgh, a member of FASET Cabinet. “Also with org fair, it gives them an opportunity to find the organizations on campus that are interesting to them.”

According to Assistant Dean Cynthia Jennings, incoming students, whether they be freshmen or transfers, are allowed a great introduction to many of Tech’s resources through FASET. With the event being so central to acquainting new students with Tech, it is certainly worth finding out exactly how the participants felt about their time spent at the program.

New freshmen weighed in on their recent FASET experiences, commenting on various aspects of the program that they did and did not particularly enjoy.

“FASET counselors were SO amazing and very helpful with answering any questions,” said Colleen Wong, a first-year BMED.

Candidates for FASET leaders are reportedly narrowed down and eventually selected based on their passion for connecting with the new students as well as guests with Tech in addition to their general affinity for the larger school community, according
to Jennings.

“Every summer I am amazed at the spirit and dedication FASET leaders have towards welcoming new students and their guests to campus,” Jennings said.

For Wong, FASET was helpful and enjoyable. She even felt that the lectures were “informational and necessary.”

Robert Glover, a first-year CHEM, enjoyed the honest and real-feeling answers from FASET student leaders. However, he also felt that the event itself dragged on a little too long.

Others felt that the smaller-group portions of the program were the most beneficial to incoming students.

“ … it was very helpful when we split into majors and learned more about them,” said Tejas Manem, a first-year BA.

However, Manem did not particularly enjoy the way that registration was handled.

“It would have been helpful to know more about specific classes when signing up for them, like when and where they would be,” Manem said. “I found signing up for classes to be chaotic and overwhelming.”

Gregory Varghese did really not have quite the best experience either.

“I was uncomfortable,” Varghese said. “They made Tech seem so depressing.” He did report falling in love with Tech later on, however.

In response to questions about this type of reaction from prospective students during their time at FASET, Jennings admitted that the experience can be both exciting and overwhelming. But she also added that the FASET leaders have been trained in recognizing discomfort and feelings of uneasiness.

Regardless, it is likely the FASET experience will continue
to evolve.