Students Speak: Campus Involvement

Photo by Brenda Lin

Getting involved on campus is one of the best ways to discover something you’re passionate about, make new friends and grow as a person. Campus organizations allow you to expand your interests and learn new things, and they can give you an outlet to de-stress from classes. Tech has over 400 campus organizations, so there are quite a few to choose from. If you find that Tech doesn’t have an organization you are interested in joining, it’s easy to make your own.

At the start of fall semester, Engagement Week encourages students to become a part of campus life through student organizations, Greek life and the arts. OrgSync is the online portal for Tech’s campus organizations. Here, you will find descriptions, contact information and website links for various organizations. Organizations table on Tech Walkway throughout the year, so as you stroll to class or lunch, stop by a table for information, and there’s usually free food and shirts too!

Below are some student opinions about the organizations they are involved in and some of the ways that students can join.

Georgia Tech Tour Guides President Coleton Musciano, fourth-year ME, explained why he wanted to be a tour guide.

“I wanted to be able to give back and help prospective students with such a major decision in their lives,” Musciano said.

Musciano explained that he wanted to help establish the program more on campus and make it something that students are proud to be a part of.

Veggie Jackets is a new campus organization, catered to students who are vegans and vegetarians. President Katie Ketchum, third-year IE, explained that she heard about clubs through Facebook and friends, but none seemed to fit her interests.

“When a group of awesome, passionate people got together and decided to start a vegan/vegetarian club, I knew I wanted to be involved!” Ketchum exclaimed.

She added that being in clubs one is passionate about with like-minded people makes college a better experience.

Sam Rapoport, second-year AE, is involved with a few organizations: Christian Campus Fellowship, ORGT and Trailblazers and the astronomy club.

“My recommendation is don’t hesitate to check out clubs for activities and things you’re interested in,” Rapoport said. “The people in almost any club will be really friendly and want to have you involved.”

Jack Weinkselbaum, third-year CS, said that Tech Walkway helped him learn about Tour Guides and SCPC.

For students interested in becoming more involved in campus life, Weinkselbaum said, “I’d definitely recommend checking out the clubs during FASET and looking at [Tech Walkway] at the beginning of the semester.”

On why joining clubs are great, Weinkselbaum explained, “They allow you to do something you’re passionate about outside of the classroom that doesn’t have to do with what you’re learning.”

Meaghan White, second-year MSE, also heard about campus clubs through FASET and Tech Walkway tabling. She said that she likes how clubs at Tech are relatively easy-going on time dedication, adding that she enjoys how people in clubs are looking for another outlet to get involved.

Being a part of campus organizations can round out your college experience. Meeting new people, expanding your interests, and learning new things can create real personal growth. Start with OrgSync and the Engagement Week organization fair, and keep your eye out for organizations on Tech Walkway.