SGA to set up hammocks on campus

Photo by Brenda Lin

A garden with hammocks. Yes, it is as great as it sounds. A bunch of hammocks set up in the trees free for students to use. Thanks to the efforts of members of the SGA, students will soon only need a little free time to socialize, relax, and spend time outdoors.

“I think it will be a great place to spend time, get some work done, and hang out with my pals in the great outdoors,” says RJ Tayal, a first-year AE.

In an effort to make the joys of hammocks more accessible, plans are being finalized to situate permanent hammocks in and around the Skiles Walkway. They will provide a place for students to relax and unwind, and escape the turbulence around them.

“Tech can often times be stressful for students juggling classes, organizations, jobs and research. The hammock garden will help alleviate those stresses and provide valuable ‘me’ time,” said Sujay Peramanu.

Peramanu, third-year IE and vice president (VP) of Campus Services, took over the project after delays and a loss of funding. The hammock garden was originally conceived by former VP of student life, Nagela Nukuna, and former VP of Campus Services, Anuraag Bahl.

It involved placing poles in the ground and having hammocks available to check out. After negotiating with Capital Project and Space Management (CPSM), Peramanu was able to have permanent hammocks approved and secure SGA funding. This will make the garden more accessible and available for student use.

“The project has seen some road bumps along the way, but I am currently working with CPSM and the construction team to finalize project guidelines and finalize hammock purchasing,” Peramanu explained.

After much work and negotiation, Peramanu is optimistic about the timeline for the project’s completion.

“The project will most likely be finished by the end of February,” Peramanu said.

While the current plan is to place these permanent hammocks in and around the Tech Walkway, Peramanu hopes to make access easier by growing the project.

“We hope to expand the project to other areas of campus and create hammock gardens in the IC Lawn and in the green areas around freshman housing,” said Peramanu.

So get excited and be on the lookout for the beginning of construction. It will be a great new place to relax and study.