Students Speak: Thoughts on Campus Coffee

Photo by Camera Dunn

So you’ve gotten up and actually made it to your 8 a.m. class. But now it’s pushing 2 p.m and you’re dead on your feet. Those last two episodes on Netflix last night probably could have waited, but that’s in the past and you are desperate for that midday pick-me-up.

You could go back to your dorm and take a quick nap. But how many times has a quick nap turned into a three hour siesta that left you more tired than before? No, it’s not time for a nap. It’s time for coffee.

A whole new world of opportunity opens before you. There’s Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or Blue Donkey or Highland Bakery or Starbucks or one of several smaller name coffee shops located in various campus buildings.

Now it’s time to weigh the pros and cons. To guide you along your journey of self-awakeness, several students share their opinion the different campus coffee options.

Caroline Ware, a third-year BME student, finds each semester requires more coffee than the last. She frequents The Lab in the biotech quad to get her fix, along with making her own cup daily.

At least once a week, she finds herself over in the nook that is The Lab, between MoSE and the Ford building. “Their frozen drinks are really creative, even though there aren’t that many. Plus they have a ton of different snacks.” The Lab has a unique atmosphere, with several board games and Super Mario Bros. available to play.

Many students use coffee shops to not only brighten their day, but also as a place to do work. Ware adds, “It’s usually quiet enough for me to study upstairs or downstairs and be isolated enough.”

Generally, students’ coffee preference seems to be a thing of convenience or desire. Alexandra Cooke, a third-year IAML (International Affairs & Modern Languages) student, goes to Blue Donkey for their iced coffee and Starbucks for hot coffee, lattes or chai tea.

“I don’t like Dunkin Donuts coffee that much, so I go for the other two. Highland Bakery also has good coffee, but I’m not by Tech Tower often,” Cooke said.

Cooke also has a Keurig she uses to make her coffee daily (or sometimes twice a day).

Some students have stronger opinions and stronger coffee. Daniel Alston, a second-year IE, disagrees with Cooke (although Starbucks’ green tea frappe holds a special place in his heart).

“Dunkin has better prices point than Starbucks and the brew is strong. If you know how you like your coffee, and it’s not overly fancy, Dunkin makes more sense,” Alston.

Erika Sutton, a third-year CE, usually buys Dunkin Donuts.

“Well, I prefer Starbucks. But Dunkin is cheaper. The coffee isn’t as good, but it’s good enough when you need caffeine or something sweet.”

Even the students who do not drink coffee often still know where to point a desperate coffee-drinker in need. Bradleigh Hooper, a third-year transfer ME, adds that, “if I were a coffee drinker I’d probably go to Starbucks at Clough most often.”

Troy Bresch, a first-year ChBE, agrees. “Starbucks is the most popular one … If I were [drinking coffee] I might as well go where I think most people go.”

Maddie Shelby, another first-year ChBE, favors Starbucks for a different reason, saying that “being from Seattle, we don’t have Dunkin or Blue Donkey, so it’s what I’m used to.”

So if you’re on campus and in a pinch, the general consensus coffee shop seems to be that whatever’s closest. Though, if you’re in the mood for something a little out of the ordinary like a specialty frozen drink or iced coffee, then you might have to go out of your way to fill that coffee shaped hole in your heart.