Veterans find help at Resource Center

The Georgia Tech Veterans Resource Center is available for student veterans and provides them support for social and academic experiences at Tech.

According to Dave Ross, the director of Veterans Resource Center and Air Force veteran, there are around 235 veteran students on campus.

In a presentation to faculty and students, Ross discusses the issues that veteran students face on campus and what the Veterans Resource Center is doing to ensure that they succeed in their social and academic endeavors.

A veteran student is any student who has been an active member in the military.

This includes the Army, Air force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard or National Guard. The definition of veteran student does not depend on whether or not they have been deployed or been in combat.

That being said, veteran students have had a very unique experience prior to coming to Tech. They live in a world that is much more expansive and with many more consequences than the average high school student who graduates immediately to come to college.

Often, veteran students are considered much more prepared for college because of their experience. They have leadership skills, motivational skills and time management skills, as well as stress management skills among others. So this begs the question: why would veteran students need support if they are better prepared than the average student? Ross answers this question by pointing out that the atmosphere of Tech and the atmosphere of the military is incredibly different.

Veteran students are used to extremely structured daily schedules and concrete standing with their peers.

While Tech is known for being a rigorous academic experience, the Tech experience is vastly different from even the experience of basic training for the military in a number of facets.

There is no regimented structure at Tech. Sure, one’s classes are scheduled, but you likely have a ton of free time.

Socially, there is also a lack of structure. In the military everyone is ranked and knows exactly where they stand.

Training provides a bonding experience with peers. Also, veteran students often are too self-reliant and are unable to ask for help when they need it.

The goal of the Veterans Resource Center is to find veteran student and provide them with preemptive support before they even get to the point of needing to ask for assistance.

The Veterans Resource Center is available at FASET in order to be one of the first things veteran student are made aware of when they come to campus.

They serve as the facilitator between veteran students and the resources available to them. Other goals for the Veteran Resource Center include providing help to Veteran Students as they try to maneuver the complicated legislation of the GI Bill to make use of the resources that the US government is entitled to give them.