Campus Spotlight: Abhirav Joshi

Photo by Tyler Meuter

Aldous Huxley, author of “Brave New World,” once said, “After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

For many students at Tech, creating music of any genre is a hobby they actively pursue to alleviate the stress they may face in classes or to serve as a tool to express their true sentiments.

Like many other student musicians, first-year EE Abhirav Joshi is extremely passionate about his art, having started to actively pursue his interest from high school.

Joshi produces each of his mix tapes by himself, devoting time to perfect each project before sharing them with the general public. However, like every artist, Joshi has times where he finds his art to be less than par.

“I’ve completed three projects so far. The first one was titled ‘Present Thoughts of a Future: The Citadel Collection,’ and it was, in my opinion, a really sub-par attempt at trying to be a serious rapper. It was released at the beginning of the summer before this academic year. The second project, ‘Blurred Faces: Cigars and Lounges,’ (BF:CAL) was released a month after. Anger really prevails throughout the tape because its purpose was to address my concerns of how people really did not listen to or critique the previous project,” Joshi said. “The third one, ‘West Side Vibes,’ was released before the end of last semester. Unlike the other two projects, this one was a lot shorter than BF:CAL because it was a ‘for fun’ project, but its length is mainly kept on the shorter side because I was still adjusting to moving into Tech.”

Joshi plans on pursuing some career path that applies electrical engineering to alternative energy systems; however, he believes music to have a strong foundation in his character.

“As much as I would like to study electrical engineering in music production, I am afraid working in the technical aspect could take away from the enjoyment I have when I make music for the sake of making my own music,” Joshi said. “I plan on continuing to create and pursue music no matter where I am. Music is way too integrated in my mind for me to not pursue, even if I have a full time paying job after I graduate from Tech.”