Students Speak: Surviving until Thanksgiving Break

Photo by Brenda Lin

It is nearing that time in the semester when classes are close to wrapping up. This means professors are starting to pile on the work by assigning large scale projects, expecting extensive reports and administering final tests before the actual finals.

Students around campus, however, have begun to feel the toll of their classes and are losing steam. This loss in drive coupled with the fact that Thanksgiving break is a mere three weeks away makes surviving until the break a bit more difficult than expected.

How can students rise to the challenge?

“I’m going to take it one day at a time,” said Alexis Brazier, a second-year BME. Alexis said that thinking about everything she needs to accomplish could get pretty overwhelming and stressed her out. However, thinking about what she has to do in the present makes it easier for her to set practical goals which she can achieve.

Kripa Chandran, a second-year BME, was in agreement with Alexis, but also chuckled and added, “I’m going to make Library 3 West my home for the next few weeks,” in regards to the amount of work she is going to have to accomplish each day.

It’s not just the BME majors that are in for a rough few weeks academically, though. Hannah Tam, a second-year ME, and Ishraq Hassan, a second year EE, started listing off all the tests and projects they have due in the weeks before Thanksgiving break.

When it came to mentally preparing for the academic chaos, Hannah said that thinking about going home to California for the break was keeping her motivated to do well in her classes.

She also added, “It’s already November, you’re almost there. You might as well stick it out. Although, knowing me, I will be fully aware of the pain.”

Both Ishraq and Hannah suggested finding ways to reduce stress in order to maximize productivity.

Ishraq said that during the week when he is studying, he is going to take breaks to exercise and socialize with his friends. Hannah mentioned taking the time to “Treat yo’self” whatever that may mean.

Not everyone’s next few weeks are jam-packed with tests and projects. For Javier Rodriguez, a second year CS, the majority of his exams happened in the past week.

He was quick to mention that this did not mean he could relax for the next few weeks because he still has plenty of assignments to do. In addition, he said that he plans on buckling down and start doing homework on the weekends instead of going out so he can enjoy his Thanksgiving break to the fullest extent.

When it comes to dealing with stress, he said, “I’m going to try to get a good amount of sleep, eat well, and I’m doing intramural soccer, so that’s a big stress relief for me.” Embracing this productive mind-set, Rodriguez will hopefully make it through until the joyful Thanksgiving holiday season.

So, for those stressing out over the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving break, don’t fear. All the Tech students spending their nights in the library and in the Clough  building are having similar experiences.

As Tech students we must remember one solid piece of advice: don’t lose sight of the future! When we are all employed, we will be thankful.