Campus Spotlight: Brandon Abernathy

Photo courtesy of Brandon Abernathy

With the Tech Chapter of Team in Training (TNT) kicking off the season, the Technique sat down with Brandon Abernathy to learn about his TNT experience and discuss his initiatives as the new captain. By running marathons and half-marathons, TNT members raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Technique: How did you get involved with TNT?

Abernathy: I joined through networking. I’ve always wanted to run a half marathon, and I wanted the mental discipline that came with running marathons. I had a great support team that held my hand all the way through, and helped me raise over a one thousand dollars.

Technique: Why did you want to be captain for TNT?

Abernathy: The best way to influence a team that I was interested in was to lead the team. I’m great at leading, and I have a passion for running so I thought, why not? Being a captain is physically challenging, but the leadership I gained is very valuable.

Technique: What are you doing differently for TNT this year now that you are the captain?

Abernathy: My intention is to raise more money than any other season. I want to raise at least fifty thousand dollars.

I am also passionate about developing other undergraduate leaders; I want to build people into leaders. I have a passion for building people, and TNT is a great way to build people. TNT helps not only patients but also students

Technique: What is the main mission or goal of TNT?

Abernathy: There are three major goals: raising awareness and getting the word out about cancer, helping people and patients, and fighting for the cure by raising as much money as possible. TNT is a way for people to accomplish what they want – everyone who is involved wins.

Technique: What is the structure of the program?

Abernathy: We definitely have a training structure. We train every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Saturdays, we run through GTS (group training sessions) where chapters all over Georgia, such as the Atlanta and Decatur chapters, meet as a team to run and train.

We have several road events, road races, and smaller events, such as 5Ks and color runs. March 22, 2015 is the big day, where we run a race in the Centennial Center.

Technique: What kind of responsibilities does your job entail?

Abernathy: I keep track of fund raising, and I hold account of the financial part. I also keep in contact with Alice, our campaign manager. I also motivate and empower party hosts such as Alpha Phi Step it Up, a color run in December, and TNT members, keeping in charge of recruitment, and sending people on task to visit sororities.

Technique: Do you have any memorable experiences in TNT, even if it was when you were not a captain?

Abernathy: My first marathon was a memorable experience, and another experience was when I achieved my personal record; I ran for 3 hours and 48 minutes in a marathon.

Technique: Do you think you have raised a decent amount of money for blood cancer research?

Abernathy: Absolutely. Our biggest priority is to get more people involved on campus so that we can raise more money. Small events like bake sales also help raise money and awareness.

Technique: How did the Tech chapter start?

Abernathy: TNT started in 2007. Justine Levine and his fellow brothers in AEPi at GT started it. Today, it is the biggest and most influential it has ever been.

Technique: Why do you think people should get involved in TNT?

Abernathy: The TNT organization is an incredible that is dedicated to service. It is a pillar of support for not only patients but also for Tech students.