Wing Zone: success for West

Photo by Brenda Lin

Wing Zone is West Campus’ newest culinary addition. With 17 flavors ranging from sweet to spicy, the restaurant rivals campus’ favorite-on-Wednesday Wingnuts. With a closing time of 2AM on all but Sunday, delivery service, great wings and a moist towelette with every meal, Wing Zone has what it takes to be a success.

Located next to Curran parking deck and adjacent to West Side Market, Wing Zone is the ideal location for most of the residents on West Campus. Within three minutes West campus dorms, the convenience factor alone should drive sales.

For those who live in Center Street—an uncomfortable four minute walk away—or all the way on East Campus, Wing Zone’s delivery service via their app or website is a must to avoid the long hike.

The restaurant takes both BuzzFunds and Dining Dollars; unfortunately, the All You Can Eat meal plan does not work here.

“This is basically a sports bar except without the bar,” says Andres Martinez, a sophomore CHE who uses the app to order. “I’d say it’s a really great experience to be honest. I know that sometimes it takes a long time for the food to get out, but it’s really worth it in my opinion. The only other wing opportunity we have is Wingnuts, and it’s not even on campus. Wing Zone has better wings in my opinion. I usually get the wings with Hot Shot flavor.”

Wing Zone’s flavors range from zero to four chili peppers of spiciness, with Hot Shot being a three. The spiciest flavor is Nuclear Habanero, but there are seven flavors rated zero out of four, including Sweet Samurai, Lemon Zinger and BBQ Bacon Nirvana, for those who sweat at the mere mention of spice.

“It’s actually the first time I’ve been to this one since I live off-campus, so we’ll see when I get the food. It’s a very exciting moment for us all,” said Julia Reynolds, a junior CS major. “It’s very college-student-y, y’know? I would have preferred maybe an ethnic place–Indian, Thai, Chinese, whatever–but this is good.”

The location used to be a West Campus activity room with little to no activity ever taking place.

Now, it’s rare to see the space empty while it’s open. There are several large TVs, and the high tables are popular for doing homework and studying.

“It’s convenient because I live on West Campus, so if I’m ever really hungry, I just come here. And it’s open until 2AM,” said Sunny Patel, a 3rd year CMPE. “It would be better if they had some healthier alternatives, but at late night, you can only get fast food. I get the Tokyo Dragon flavor, and I love wings.”

Besides bone-in and boneless wings, the restaurant also serves tenders, burgers, salads and apple pie bites.

When asked if they would rather eat here, at Wing Zone, than at Woody’s, all respondents unanimously laughed and enthusiastically said, “Here, definitely.”