East vs. West campus living

Photo by Monica Jamison

With a decent majority of Tech undergraduate students choosing to live on-campus, the differences between East and West campus housing will always remain relevant. While the decision to live on either East or West campus will not completely dictate an individuals’ overall Tech experience, students should still weigh the advantages and disadvantages of both locations before making their final housing decisions.

Being in close proximity to the CRC for example, West campus housing options certainly seem advantageous. Moreover,  students can easily access the outdoor track, the gym and the other amenities. Even though the notorious dining hall, Woodruff’s, may pale in comparison to North Avenue or Brittain, Woody’s still offers a  freestyle Coca-Cola machine.

Besides, students can also hop on the Tech Trolley to access MARTA and to travel to Tech Square. The West campus lifestyle is also generally quieter than East campus living, so students usually do not have to worry about disruptions when trying to fall asleep.

West campus still has its disadvantages, though, as students can easily feel removed from Tech’s general social scene. Also, with only one dining hall location, food options can easily become monotonous and limited.

Closer to the fraternities and sororities, housing options on East campus seem generally livelier than West campus living. Placed at the heart of Tech’s social scene, students can easily go out at night without relying on the Tech bus system.

With this more dynamic location, however, students must be more careful of their surroundings as the East campus housing locations, specifically the North Avenue apartments and Smith and Brown residence halls, are closer to Centennial Park and other areas of Atlanta.

Living on East campus, students can also easily clog their arteries at the Varsity while traveling throughout downtown Atlanta via MARTA.

While the East campus lifestyle may seem beneficial, students must conquer Freshmen Hill daily in order to attend most classes. Moreover, some East campus students may use this as an alternative for going to the CRC, as the gym is also a decent distance away from the East on-campus housing locations. Even though some of the freshmen dorms and North Avenue apartments house gyms, the exercise equipment is very outdated in comparison to the CRC’s utilities.

Although housing locations can affect Tech students’ daily routines, ultimately, students can still overcome their housing location disadvantages over time.