FASET Leaders wrap up final days

Photo by John Nakano

While summer is coming to a close, Tech is wrapping up its annual summer FASET program where newly acquired Tech students and transfer students come to learn about the campus, meet students and faculty and prepare for their first weeks of class.

Head of the program and FASET leaders prepared a variety of events for the students and parents,  such as skits, tours, games and discussions about the campus and college life.  FASET leaders take pride in their passion for Tech and enjoy interacting with new students.

“What stands out to me most about FASET is that we are such a diverse group, yet we have one thing in common, we are passionate about Tech. Besides FASET orientation sessions for freshman and transfer students, we have leadership training events, social outings and a retreat earlier this summer.” said Laurel Street, a FASET leader and fourth year BA major.

For many FASET leaders, hosting all the events and experiences for the students bring them back to the times when they attended FASET before their freshman year.

Most students remember energetic and excited FASET leaders who stood out in the road with foam fingers and lists of fun activites for the day.

Now, FASET leaders are reliving those moments themselves along with their fellow Tech students, and in turn, they are encouraging freshmen showing them everything that they need to know about Tech.

“When I went to FASET, I saw those leaders waving their foam fingers and signs and thought that I could never be on of them.” said Katherine Sorrentino, a FASET leader and 2nd year BME major. “After spending my first year at Tech, I have come to love this institute so much that I wanted to share it with everyone else. Being a FASET leader brought the whole thing full circle.”

Current members of the program believe that it takes the right mindset to be an effective leader for the incoming freshman or transfer group.

Some leaders intend to guide the people who visit Tech and show them how to succeed while they are here so that they can achieve their goals and graduate with career or postgraduate study. The leaders know their actions can make a difference.

“Being a FASET leader means having the potential to change lives, and as the sessions have gone by, I have realized how true this is.” said Andrea Vargas, FASET leader and 2nd year BA major. “We share our stories with these incoming students and show them how to start their college career on the right foot and how to avoid some crucial mistakes.”led