DanceTech shares passion with Tech

Photo courtesy of DanceTech

Most clubs in the summer retire until the returning fall semester, but DanceTech has tried to bring more activity to the summer by offering special dance clinics where students can

The dance organization is providing their clinic service to reach out to other students who are familiar with dance and want to get involved with other dancers on campus for stress relief and skill development.

“The summer clinics were classes created for summer students, who missed dance and wanted to release some stress. The classes were in contemporary, jazz, ballet, and hip hop, and the summer clinics were created to promote our company, provide a fun, stress-free experience, and give an opportunity for dancers to see how auditions will be held,” said Lauren Clark, president of Dance Tech.

Student in DanceTech participate and interact with a variety of dancers, and the club focuses on developing dancing skills and performing in at different events in the Atlanta area.

“DanceTech Performing Company was created to provide intermediate to advanced dancers with the opportunity to further their skills,as well as, perform for the community at local service events,” said Clark “Throughout the past year, we have performed at Homecoming’s Mock Rock, Fall De-Stress Week, MOVE’s Senior Prom, GT for the Kids’ Dance Marathon, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, GT Relay for Life, and our annual Spring Show. “

The organization has attempted to expand their marketing outreach in the summer and these clinics provide an opportunity to meet that goal. Also, the flow of new students for the upcoming academic year allows these attempts to succeed.

“DanceTech has focused hard on marketing our company this summer,” said Clark “We were dedicated to reach students who were on campus, as well as incoming students.”

In the coming Fall semester, DanceTech plans to hold auditions in the second week of the fall semester where they intend to look for dancer who are interested in joining their company and serving the community.