SCPC’s Options Classes

Photo by Amanda Thomas

Students have the option of becoming wine connoisseurs and rock stars in a matter of weeks.

There are hundreds of these options classes at Tech. From Aerospace Engineering to Business classes, from 7000 level to 1000 level, Tech has students covered. But what about students looking for something a little less academic and a little more practical?

That is where the SCPC Options Committee comes into play. The Options Committee offers Tech students two types of classes: semester-long and one-day.

This spring, they are offering two semester-long classes—The Science of Wine Tasting and Beginner’s Guitar Lessons.

In addition to these semester long classes, the Options Committee has had a one-day Learn to Paint class. Due to the success of this earlier class, they are currently planning another Learn to Paint class, as well as a Tie Dye event later in the semester.

Just like academic classes at Tech, the options classes vary greatly in size, ranging from 20 to 100 students per class.

Having so many students per class allows for a lot of diversity in each class as well. One of SCPC’s Options Committee goals is to provide these classes to as many students as possible. However, SCPC’s Options Committee still has to follow the law, meaning students younger than 21 cannot participate in the Science of Wine Tasting Class.

Signing up for the Options Classes is nothing like enrolling in Tech’s academic classes. No need for Courseoff or very much planning at all. Interested students can go to the website to sign up and learn about payment options.

SCPC’s Options Committee  hopes to continue to offer Options Classes in the future, even after the new Student Center is built. However, because so little is known about what the new Student Center will entail, it is impossible for the committee to make any concrete plans.

In the near future, though, the SCPC Options Committee hopes to increase its current course offerings.