Rubgy captain balances Tech and sports

While other Tech students are busy working on countless hours of homework or napping after their all-nighter, Taylor Armstead is out in the Burger Bowl, leading Tech’s Women’s Rugby team towards yet another victory.

Technique: What do you hope to do with your major when you grow up?

Armstead: I’d really like to do something with biomaterials—basically on the design and research side of sports medicine.

Technique: You’re the captain of the Rugby team; how did you first get involved with rugby?

Armstead: I first got involved with rugby because I sort of ran into them at FASET and I happened to actually know where the Burger Bowl was because I lived on West Campus

Technique: What is the most difficult aspect of playing for Tech’s rugby team?

Armstead: The most difficult aspect of playing rugby is balancing it with school work, sleep and social life.

Technique: What is your favorite part?

Armstead: My favorite part is the competition—I love to compete. Hitting people is pretty fun too.

Technique: How is being a captain different from just being on the team?

Armstead: The biggest difference is that I have to make sure I am being cool, calm and collected. It is definitely a skill I have had to improve this year.

Technique: How do you balance rugby and a Tech workload?

Armstead: Balancing Tech and rugby is hard, but the way I try to manage it is by staying organized and knowing when tests and things are due, etc.

Technique: What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not on the rubgy field or studying?

Armstead: Favorite things would probably be eating and taking my girlfriend on dates.

Technique: Will you continue with rugby after Tech? Why or why not?

Armstead: Yes! I have huge rugby aspirations—I want to play at the national or club level.

Technique: You’ve run half marathons and marathons in the past. How does that compare to a typical rugby match?

Armstead: They are very, very different—almost incomparable. Running half marathons isn’t so bad, but a marathon is on a whole different level.

Technique: You’re a self proclaimed Harry Potter expert too; do you think Hermione and Ron shouldn’t have been together?

Armstead: Hermione and Ron totally should have been together! They’re awkward and cute in a perfect way.

Technique: Any advice for students aspiring to be more active?

Armstead: Play rugby! It is SO much fun, and we are the most fun, loving and open group on campus.