Ms. GT finds campus stardom exhilarating

Photo by John Nakano

It’s something little girls dream of, being crowned while standing in front of a throng of cheering people.  For fourth-year pre-med IAML-Spanish major Jacline Griffeth, it was a dream that unexpectedly came true at this year’s homecoming game when she was named the Institute’s new Ms. Georgia Tech.

The night was the result of a hectic week of interviews and homecoming events for Griffeth.

“It was a nerve-wracking experience,” Griffeth said, “but when I found out I was a finalist, I was so excited.  There was no more pressure, so we could focus on enjoying the company of the other 9 candidates.”

Griffeth has always been involved with campus life.  She’s worked directly with the President’s Scholarship Program, as well as the Community Service Council where she currently serves as Vice President.  She is also a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, the sorority that sponsored her as a candidate.

While she was busy the week leading up to the game because of her organizations, Griffeth still had time to enjoy homecoming traditions. As game day approached, she was light-hearted and excited about what the night held for her.

“During the game-day festivities, we joked around, took pictures together, sang the Alma Mater and shared the excitement of being on the field together.”

Griffeth’s excitement climaxed as she walked onto the field.

“Looking up and waving at the multiple generations of the Tech family, I realized that we were all connected by the same, wonderful [Tech].”

When she heard her name, she felt as though she were living a dream.

She celebrated with her family before heading to the student section to watch the end of the game with her friends.  Though the night was a blur of excitement, the next day and those that followed brought a myriad of new experiences for Griffeth as she was now the face of the Institute.

“I’ve been able to meet a lot more of the Tech community—people I’ve never met before, ones I’ve recently met, and ones I’ve known for a while,” Griffeth   said.

Griffeth has become even more connected with the Tech family since being chosen as the newest ambassador of school tradition and spirit for younger and older generations alike.

The process has also given rise to somewhat of a superstar effect for Griffeth, something she never anticipated happening to her.

“A family stopped me to take a picture with me on the way out of the stadium because their littler girls were looking,” Griffeth said. “They said they saw me on the megatron, and honestly, I felt like it was more special to take a picture with them.”

This aftermath, and the process as a whole, has been something Griffeth has thoroughly enjoyed.  From riding in the Reck to going onto the field with the football team, the entire experience was something she will remember for years to come.

“I am looking forward to being able to meet more current Tech students and alumni,” Griffeth said. “I’m also looking forward to having an excuse to have white and gold as the dominate colors of my wardrobe.”