Fashion Forward: Game Day

Photo by Ally Stone

Game Day is the time to use the best of Tech school colors to show both student spirit and style equally.

Every Saturday (and some Thursdays), Bobby Dodd stadium is a sea of every creative combination of white and gold and the football game becomes a fashion show.

There is the “Prep Look,” in which gentlemen dress in button-down shirts, neatly tucked into a pair of slacks, topped with a Yellow Jacket-inspired tie.

There is the “Game Day Dress,” in which ladies don a dress of Tech colors, like white, yellow and black. This look is paired with cute sandals or a pair of boots.  The hunt for the perfect game day dress is always on. Fortunately for students, Tech has very versatile school colors.

There is the “Student Spirit,” a look for which students come to games dressed head to toe in Tech gear and their favorite player’s jersey. Here to show true spirit, these fans are all about representing the Jackets.

Each fan has his or her unique Game Day style, but the most exciting part of the day is just being at the stadium to watch another Jacket victory.

No matter what you choose to wear on Game Day, though, the most important accessory is still your wristband.