Fashion Forward: Fall Layers

It’s official. Fall is here. And so are layers.

The season for fashion.  There is a reason Vogue’s September issue is so important, and New York hosts its beloved annual Fashion Week. Fall is guaranteed to be the most exciting time for warm-layered outfits.

Hopefully, everyone remembered to grab your cold-weather clothes from home over fall break, because now is the time to pile everything on. Fall is the time to layer.  As we live in Atlanta, and its slew of unpredictable weather, layering is the best option for changes in temperature throughout the day.  Ladies—when you step outside and it’s 50 degrees, choose a cute cardigan to put over a long-sleeved blouse. Finish the look with dark leggings or jeans.

Gentlemen—in the same conditions, you are good to layer a pullover over your favorite t-shirt or a button-down shirt.

So in either scenario, as the temperature heats up, as it will in Atlanta, you can simply remove the top layer of cardigan or pullover and be comfortable (and styling).

Of course, as the cool turns into freezing cold, add more layers. Thick scarves, vests, riding boots, slouchy hipster beanies—all are great accessories for layering.

Layering can work for anyone! And it’s a way to fit so many different pieces into one, warm outfit.