Tips & Tricks: avoiding the Freshman 15

Photo courtesy of GT Dining

1. For you unfortunate east campusers without elevators, you don’t have a choice; but to all others, take the stairs instead of the elevator. This goes for studying in CULC as well. Don’t be that freshman that rides from the main entrance to the library.

2. Finding a running buddy on your floor is a great way to hold each other responsible and stay motivated when you work towards goals together. Plus, there must be some equation that proves that the more people you are seen running with, the less noticeable it is how gross and sweaty you are.

3. Join a club. RWGT hosts tri-weekly runs; plus, club sports teams are hosting tryouts soon. Look out for chalk announcements, emails and flyers.

4. Intramurals are also available. Phase I is starting soon, so if you are a champion corn hole-tosser, experienced wiffleballer, expert dodger or volleyball fan, consider signing up. If you are slightly slacking on the athleticism spectrum, don’t fret. Intramurals are all about fun.

5. Make use of Piedmont Park. Studying on an urban campus has many perks, but the abundance of green space just down 10th Street is often forgotten. Go for a walk, run the trails, throw a Frisbee, play some soccer—the possibilities are endless.

6. Advise parents about care packages. Sure, the delivery of your favorite Girl Scout cookies from home or the presence of packaged junk food during a stressful week seems tempting. However, provide some guidelines for parents about healthy and energizing goodies that will truly get you through the toughest times of your freshman year.

7. Eat breakfast. It’s on every diet’s tip list, so it must be true. Get your metabolism started early on and fill up on some fiber to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Maybe skip on the Nutella, though.

8. On the previous note, pour cereal into a coffee cup. It’s easy to over indulge with large portions in today’s world, so this is an especially helpful reference.

9. Schedule workouts as if they’re classes. Once you are in a regular routine and holding yourself responsible for penciled-in workouts, you will have extra incentive to stay on track.

10. Mix it up. Sure, the stir-fry line at North Ave is delicious and comfortable and relatively healthy. However, eating anything too much without switching up your diet isn’t good for your metabolism and overall well being.

11. Don’t waste calories on drinks. Choose water or low-calorie sports drinks for the most energy and utmost health.

12. SLEEP. Every Tech student has experienced the dreaded all-nighter or never-ending Calculus worksheet that is inevitably accompanied by an assortment of unhealthy snacks. Getting decent sleep not only prevents that harmful late-night munching habit, but is also necessary to keep metabolism on track.

13. Don’t buy anything that you’ll be tempted to eat. It’s simple. If you don’t have it on hand, you won’t be able to eat it. Of course there are exceptions—your neighbor who loves to share baked goods with the hall, all-you-can-eat meal plans and the endless potlucks at tailgates. However, for the food that you can control—the snacks filling your own fridge and shelves—make smarter choices and you’ll be on the right path to living a healthier lifestyle.

14. Avoid the buses. You’ll be amazed how much more in shape you feel simply from trekking across campus for each and every need. Plus, with the amount of bus stops and the tendency for slow jaywalkers to hold up traffic, walking across campus may in fact be faster.

15. Tech has one of the best recreation center among college campuses nationwide. Make use of the state-of-the-art swimming pool, numerous treadmills, scenic track, diverse GIT FIT classes and so much more. If you’re short on time, smaller gyms are located in several residence halls on campus.

No matter what your year or lifestyle, you should still be wary of your eating and exercise choices to maintain daily healthiness.
Whether you are newly starting college or want to simply start this year off right, you will want to have a good game plan for yourself.

Remember that the Freshman 15 is not a battle to be won or something to stress over, but simply a way of living!