Atlanta offers varied art experiences during break

Photo by Blake Israel

For spring break this year, many Tech students will be heading down to the beach or back home. However, those who have plans to spend their spring break exploring Atlanta can find an artistic and culturally enriching alternative to the typical college vacation experience.

Midtown and the greater Atlanta area hold many different artistic venues that give students a chance to develop their taste for creativity while taking a week off from the stress of classes.

The Woodruff Arts Center Pass can be put to good use by taking advantage of the shows and exhibits happening at the Woodruff Performing Arts Center during March. The High Museum of Art is hosting several events during the week of spring break including the “Revolucion: Frida and Diego Teen Night” which will take place on Saturday, March 23 at 7pm.

“The exhibit was huge…it took up most of the floor.”

The “Frida and Diego: Passion, Politics and Painting” exhibit itself will be showing through May 12. Entrance is free for visitors every first Saturday and Sunday of the month, and students who have already taken adantage of this opportunity found the experience enjoyable.

“The exhibit was huge…it took up most of the floor. As you’re walking through it starts off with Diego’s time in Europe. They have all of the paintings laid out, and then they have a photography section and a part where you can see pictures of Frida before you move to her own self-portraits,” said Katie Flynn, a fourth-year IAML major. “It was a really good progression, and a really well-done exhibit. It’s also an easy walk to get there from campus with a group of friends and totally worth it.”

The “Revolucion: Frida and Diego Teen Night” event is free, and students who participate can test and develop their own artistic skills in the presence of established artists.

“It’s an easy walk to get there from campus and totally worth it.”

During March, the Alliance Theatre will be producing plays such as “The Whipping Man”, “Charlotte’s Web” and “Zorro”. Each of these plays brings a different element of interest. “The Whipping Man”, which will be performed during spring break, is a play about the hardships of a Jewish family living in Virginia in 1865. The performance underscores the importance of family and religious understanding as the world travels into new and strange times after the Civil War.

On a musical note, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) will be performing during the break as well. From March 14 – 16, ASO will feature the German conductor Jun Markl as he returns to lead the orchestra in Beethoven’s nature-inspired “Pastorale” symphony.
The symphony is also offering music classes for as little as $140 during the week of spring break. These classes will be taught by Judith Cox and will extend into the month of May. They allow students to learn to play the cello, viola, or violin.

One place to get in touch with one’s artistic side is the Atlanta Artists Center. The center, located in Buckhead, features the works of local artists in various mediums. The Atlanta Artists Center can be visited Monday through Friday from 9 am-4 pm and see what people from the greater Atlanta area are creating. For those who find themselves inspired, there is also an opportunity to submit artwork or take classes from the center.

For students staying in Atlanta during spring break, there are many opportunities to explore the city’s bustling art and music community.