Favorite Film Genres

Photo by Ethan Trewhitt

Films have a special place in many moviegoers’ hearts, but not everyone’s tastes are the same. Students across campus shared their thoughts on which genres they consider their favorites.

“I like action and horror movies because they’re quite exciting and they’re fun to watch. Often, I’ll watch Chinese movies,” said Wendy Wang, a graduate student in CEE.

Action seemed to be a student’s most common response when asked to name their favorite genre.

“I enjoy fast-paced movies because I feel more involved.”

“Action and comedy. I enjoy fast-paced movies because I feel more involved,” said Rohit Pathak, a third-year CS major. “There’s a French movie called District 13. That’s pretty nice because it has parkour. District 9 is also pretty good. Those are definitely my favorite movies.”

“Action and adventure. They’re real exciting… I like war films and war horror,” said Stephanie Zhang, a first-year BME major. “I’ve been recently interested in some scary movies, too. Dances with Wolves, Saving Private Ryan, there’s so many I can’t name them all.”

“I like action and adventure because they’re entertaining. They keep your attention, and that rush is the best part,” said Ross Campbell, a fourth-year ME major. “I’m into car movies so I like films like The Fast and The Furious.”

“Action is exciting, which is why I watch movies in the first place. “I like James Bond, Jason Bourne, spy action movies,” said Matthew O’Shaugessy, a first-year EE major.

Although action movies were the most popular, other genres were also well represented.

“I like comedy. It just appeals to me,” said Ryan Greiner, a fifth year CMPE major. He cited Hot Fuzz as his favorite movie in the genre.

“I like film-noir, crime-noir and samurai movies like The Usual Suspects and The Way of the Gun,” said Brian Sanner, a second-year BMED major.

“I like psychological thrillers, like Hitchcock. They’re not as predictable.”

A few students singled out Hitchcock’s movies as their favorite.

“I like psychological thrillers, like Hitchcock’s. They’re really interesting and not as predictable as other movies,” said Laura Burbach, a first-year PUBP major.

Some students, like Elizabeth Lambert, a third year ME, didn’t have a favorite genre. Lambert, however, still had a few favorite films.

“The Wizard of Oz is my favorite and I like My Girl and Despicable Me. They’re funny and they put me in a good mood and they’re entertaining,” Lambert said.

“[Romantic comedies] tell the same story over and over again.”

Although Tech students had many favorite genres, several students disliked one particular genre: romance.

“They tell the same story over and over again. You know exactly what’s going to happen every time,” Pathak said.

Some students had more specific opinions than others.

“I don’t like black-and-white movies in general,” “Especially new ones. It drives me nuts. If it’s new why make it black and white? I think it’s just pretentious,” Sanner said.