Students Speak: Atlanta Restaurants

To expand students’ culinary reach beyond the occasional McDonalds or Dominoes, Focus brings the word on restaurant favorites and hot spots in the Atlanta area, as recommended by Tech students.

For students without a car or unwilling to make the trek, there are some popular bars around the Midtown area that serve exciting, custom dishes.

“I enjoy Gordon Biersch, it’s pricier but it’s nice. They brew their own beer and it’s pretty great. For people with a taste for good drinks and spiciness, Prickly Pear is also a good option. It has pretty affordable Mexican food and they have a lot of custom-made, strong margaritas,” said Manoj Vangaln, a second-year ISyE.

Further south are more restaurants near the popular Atlanta hotels. The commercial center has a strong cultural pull, and hosts a variety of authentic eateries from various cuisines.

“There’s this place called Sufi’s on Peachtree over by Mellow Mushroom. It’s an authentic and organic Persian place. The absolute best food I’ve ever had at a restaurant, and it’s put together in combinations I would never have thought of on my own,” said Ian Keith, a fifth-year ME major.

There are also a string of Thai, Indian and French restaurants in the same area. They are pricier, but sometimes worth it for a special occasion.

“Fogo de Chao is by far the best steakhouse in Atlanta. Sure it is extremely pricey, but you cannot put a price on unlimited meat. If I were rich I would go there every day,” said Kyle Barnhart, a fourth-year BCHE.

For dinner it can cost around $50 a person, but it includes endless friend plantains, polenta, tapioca cheese rolls, mash potatoes and a wildly ornate salad bar with all the finest cheeses and deli meats. Save this one for a graduation or at least until the parents are in town.

Closer to home and many students’ budget range, Tech Square’s recent culinary additions have sparked some excitement.

“I like the Euroking place; the food is really good and the prices are about average for what you would expect. I like the gyro platter because it tastes authentic and comes with a Greek salad on the side, which is awesome,” said Sam Benslay, third-year LCC.

For anyone who has studied abroad in Europe and can swear by their knowledge of late-night kebab stands this is as close as one can get, at least in Tech’s backyard.

Some people eat to live, but other live to eat. For those who abide by the latter it is safe to say that although the bubble of Tech keeps one grounded on campus there is plenty of amazing food to be experienced and discovered in Atlanta. The city is a cultural magnet for the east coast and harbors gems from Vietnam, South Korea, Indonesia, New Zealand, Chile, Morocco and so much more. For adventurous students, Tech’s neighborhood offers plenty of tastes to enjoy for every budget and palate.