Organizations form to support campaigns

With the 2012 presidential election fast approaching, Tech’s many political student organizations are working to boost their presence on campus. In particular, the Tech branches of Jackets for Romney and Jackets for Obama are welcoming students who want to support the respective campaigns.

As a seasonal supplement to long-standing organizations such as Tech College Democrats and Tech College Republicans, Jackets for Romney and Jackets for Obama offer students the opportunity to learn about, and become involved in, the presidential campaign process.

“We work a lot with the College Republicans, but this way, we can have a special focus on the election and give more opportunities for students that want to get involved,” said Michael Delaguardia, the campus chair of Jackets for Romney.

Jackets for Obama offers a similar service to students who support the President’s reelection campaign. Students can gain hands-on campaign experience working organizes a variety of campaigning events.

“We have been taking trips down to Florida every weekend to register voters before October 9 and canvass neighborhoods to raise awareness and support for the President. We also hold phone banks, calling registered voters and garnering support for the President and recruiting more volunteers,” said Juliet Jacobson, a member of College Democrats at Georgia Tech.

For students who support former governor Mitt Romney, Jackets for Romney also holds similar weekly campaigning activities.

“We do call nights to make calls into swing states, and it’s really the best way someone in Georgia can help affect the election. We do express trips which are campaign trips to swing States…[and] we do a lot of get- out-to-vote initiatives like going door-to-door and helping to set up rallies,” Delaguardia said.

Both members of Jackets for Obama and Jackets for Romney believe that the economy will be the major issue up for debate this fall.

“I think obviously the most important issue is the economy.  What Romney did for decades in the business world was taking inefficient businesses that were unable to grow, that could not generate profits, and make them more efficient. He had years of experience in that, and he did the same thing in Massachusetts. He took it from a deficit to a surplus,” said Delaguardia.

Jackets for Obama members also believe the economy will be a deciding topic in the election.

“One of the biggest issues is the economy and making sure our country keeps creating jobs. When President Obama took office, the country was bleeding jobs at a rate of 800,000 a month. He has turned that economy around and seen 4 million jobs created while he’s been in office,” Jacobson said.

Students with an interest in politics and a desire to get involved can look to the many political organizations on campus.

“Students should join a political group on campus. One of the nice things about [the organizations] is that they are a great way to actually get involved in the campaigns,” said Richard Wright, political director of GT Republicans.