Tips & Tricks: Ways to get art fix on campus

Getting the itch to create but can’t paint or sculpt? Here are some other ways to create or to enjoy creations.


Roses are red, violets are blue, the Erato is a literary magazine written by students like you. Published every semester, the Erato is a campus wide literary magazine composed by students for students. So, if you’re looking to set your inner Shakespeare or Pollock, then submit your artwork, photography, poems or prose, and let your voice be heard across campus.

Craft Center 

Located on the third floor of the Student Center, the Craft Center can be a great place to blow off steam and hone in on your creative abilities. Within its walls. you’ll find everything you need to make pottery, stained-glass, and even homemade photography in its dark room. The craft center enables students to learn several different artistic styles and explore their creative side, all while on a student budget.

Salsa Club

Dance is an art form, and Salsa surely ranks high in that category. Learn to feel the rhythm here at Tech’s very own salsa club. Here individuals can come and learn about salsa dancing, learn some new dancing techniques, and even participate in different social events. Check out the classes on salsa dancing hosted by the club or one its shows put on for students every year.


For those students who enjoy the occasional Mozart or Bach, look no further than Tech’s orchestra. The orchestra, which meets as a class and practices a few times during the week, hosts concerts during the semester where students can go and enjoy the beautiful melodies all for free with their BuzzCard.

Buzz Studios

For film enthusiasts, check out Buzz Studios. A film and cinematography club that meets every week provides Tech students with all necessary knowledge and gear to help them get their movie career off the ground. Besides providing a medium for students to learn cinematography, the Studio also hosts meetings in which guest speakers from the film community provide neat tips and tricks to excel. Buzz Studios is a great way for students to learn about film and everything they need to know to create quality films.