Student Speak: Value additions to campus housing

Whether it is for convenience, safety, or cost, many students at Tech decide to spend their college years living on campus at one of  the many residence halls.

From study rooms to shared bathrooms, each residence hall has its advantages and disadvantages that help to create a unique living experience that is essential for every college student.

While dorms have gotten a bad reputation over the years, they have come a long way and are continuing to evolve every year with new improvements thanks to input from the student body.

For some students, social factors place a big role in resident life.

“I enjoy living on campus. I don’t have to worry about paying rent or bills every month since everything is taken care of in advance,” said Justin Luk, second-year ISyE major  and North Ave. resident.

“But there are a few improvements I’d like to see. Maybe more common areas that aren’t designated as study areas on each floor, so that I can have somewhere to go on my floor besides my room to sit and relax,” Luk said.

For others, what’s inside the dorm plays a big role.

“I feel like better appliances could be provided for the students. We some times have problems with our stove and I could definitely use an ice maker while living in a dorm with three other people,” said Casey Aultman, a third-year INTA major.

“I think the furniture could use some improvements. Our couch, mattresses, and chairs could definitely be more comfortable. I wouldn’t mind if Housing gave us the option to upgrade or provide our own furniture,” said Katie Smith, a third-year ISyE major.

Though one can argue about the quality of amenities provided, the cost of housing can be used to make a direct comparison.

“While the residence halls provide a great location and allow me to get to class quickly, the overall cost of living on campus isn’t worth it when compared to other options that I can find off-campus,” said Margaret Wright, a third-year MGT major.

Sometimes it’s not the furniture or the space but amenities in the building that could be improved.

“Overall, I’m happy with life on campus, the only thing I’d really like to see is a few vending and ice machines on my floor in North Ave. I always enjoy getting a soda late at night while I’m studying and doing homework, but having to trek down to the bottom floor to get my late-night caffeine fix can sometimes be a hassle,” said Charlotte Parkes.

“I think it’s great that North Ave got a dining hall, but I’d definitely like to see some kind of all night dining option somewhere on west-campus. You can only eat Lucky Buddha so many times,” said Brian Krause, a fifth-year NRE major.

The Residence Hall Association is here to serve residents. Look for their office in the Flag building to leave feedback.