Tech majors ranked according to desirability


ECE majors find themselves even worse off than CS majors when it comes to their desirability. With an antisocial building and classes that make students write equations all day, ECE most certainly isn’t the field of study to meet that special someone.

“The ratio” is poor and, combined with the fact that men only seem to own hoodies and worn-out jeans, the levels of attraction with the opposite sex are minimal. Adding to the woes, the curriculum is hard and doesn’t promote too much group interaction.

On the upside, ECE graduates roll in the Benjamins. Women who are looking for a man with a mansion and a fast car might get lucky with someone from this major.

ECE majors are some of the smartest students at Tech, so they may be your best bet if you’re looking for a smart date.



Truth be told, CS majors aren’t actually vampires and are able to handle moderate amounts of sunlight, already putting them ahead of their ECE colleagues.

However, if their reputation doesn’t keep wary students away, certain rumors floating around about their hygiene (or allegedlack thereof) might.

Adding insult to injury, there is little hope for inter-CS relationships, seeing as the major has one of the worst male-female ratios at Tech.

The only saving grace keeping CS majors from being forever alone is their post-graduation salary, where they are quite well off.

In addition, Tech has stepped in to ease the woes of a CS major by providing them with the Klaus building and CoC, equipped with the snazziest technologies and lounge space to encourage human interaction.



Industrial engineers are all about optimizing, and while their analytical natures might be dry at times, they’ll work hard to enhance your romantic satisfaction.

Savvy in a variety of fields, ISyE majors are sharp dressers, who will want to spend time getting to know you better as soon as they’re finished analyzing the initial data.

Unfortunately, the simple brick architecture of the ISyE buildings doesn’t really inspire romantic interaction. Class participation is passable so expect a few awkward pauses in conversation.

ISyE students are problem-solvers, however, and they can help you work out any drama you have going on in your life. The all-important gender ratio is favorable with this major, and you can rest assured that they’ll be bringing in the dough with that management-consulting job.



Foreign languages, knowledge of world issues, social awareness and the like are just plain cool. With most classes offering group activities, it makes it easier to get someone’s number to borrow a book or ask a question to start an out-of-class relationship. Also with fewer courses required for completion of the degree as compared to some engineering majors, INTA majors have time to engage in other social activities.

However, INTA, too, has its problems. With most INTA students participating in some sort of study abroad or international program, “Skype dates” and long-distance relationships are commonplace. “The ratio” is fantastic. Diplomacy is their art and social issues their calling; so prepare accordingly for anything from a relief mission within a war-torn third world country to C-SPAN marathons for months.



To be a MGT major, one must have the smooth and suave charm of a business executive, cunning and decisive yet ready to compromise and negotiate. In terms of desirability, MGT majors have quite a few things going for them. For starters, the social interaction requirement keeps the hermits at bay, while the need to “dress to impress” keeps a MGT major always looking presentable and, more importantly, clean.

The College of Management building itself has several places to kick back and network, giving optimal opportunities for wooing and courtship via playful banter.

In addition, their post-graduation salaries are fairly impressive for the amount of work that goes into this major. Drawbacks include the high number of meat-head “bros” in the major accompanied by the many engineering rejects.