Atlanta offers alternate dating options

Anyone can take their date out to a movie or nice restaurant—it’s nice, simple, and sweet—who could ask for a more picturesque Valentine’s Day?

Then again you do not want a date for just anybody; you want the grand-slam, the all-in-one date ensemble that no one could forget.

This Feb. 14, drop the holiday cards and sweetheart candies and prepare for the ultimate extreme Valentine’s Day dates.

What says “I love you” better than free falling from 10,000 feet? Some may recall the story in the news of the recently-wed couple who proposed in mid-skydive.

Never have people felt closer to one another than when the ground is racing toward them at terminal velocity. Surprisingly, several skydiving companies offer Valentine’s specials to couples with a thirst for adventure.

Dual tandem dives, for those on their first jump, and group jumps, for those more experienced, are offered at discount rates for a short time only. Check out to reserve dives or purchase gift certificates.

Or forget camping and spend a night at the zoo, surrounded by nature’s most fearsome and exotic predators. The Atlanta Zoo currently offers night stays within the park. Be the first to say you had a romantic picnic for two next to a family of tigers. This is the perfect date for those whose significant others love animals and nature but do not want to rough it out in the wild without running water.

The rate is $52 for non-members and $65 for Zoo Atlanta members. Family groups are also encouraged to take part in personal tours and behind-the-scenes exhibits.

For those with a little extra cash to spare, it would be very worthwhile taking a road trip to see the countryside. No, not in your mom’s minivan, but how about a Ferrari F430? Or a Maserati Turismo? Prestige Luxury Rentals in Atlanta gives quotes for daily rentals of superior luxury and sport cars, turning a drive up I-85 into an exhilarating life experience.

Spend as little as $150 on a Jaguar convertible and upwards of $500 on a Ferrari. Though speeding is strongly ill advised, nothing could be cooler than piloting through winding hills and mountains in a hundred-thousand dollar, leather-interior racing machine.

Though you may need to return the car the next day, few can actually say they picked their dates up in a Lamborghini Murcielago. Go to to get quotes on rental prices.

Lastly, for a more quiet night together, take a drive to the coast and park at a beach. Bring food, firewood, towels, and a sleeping bag. Pick a secluded spot on the sand. There are usually coastal highways that border  miles of untouched beach.

Light a bonfire, lay back, and fall asleep under the stars. This simple date costs next to nothing, except for gas, but can be one of the more intimate moments you will spend with your significant other.

Even if you two are not skydiving, watching lions or driving expensive cars, what really matters the most is the time you have and the experiences you share with your beloved.

Adrenaline rushes and fancy cars aside, the key to a successful date is taking her somewhere new to do something she has never done before. Follows these rules and have the night of your lives this Tuesday.