Unique Adventure Sports to Explore

Kayaking, Canoeing, and Whitewater Rafting:

Each of these water sports offer their own unique and entertaining way to explore rivers, lakes, and oceans. All three of these activities consist of small boats or rafts that seat six or less adventurers. Usually with kayaking and canoeing, two people paddle their way through rivers and other waterways while admiring and exploring the scenery. On the other hand, kayaking offers the opportunity to experience a little more excitement. You can kayak on serene waters or through rough waters such as waterfalls and small rapids. And finally there is whitewater rafting. Differing from canoeing and kayaking in few ways, this mode of exploration is a little less stable and a lot more exciting.

To get started here at Tech is quite simple. ORGT offers all the chance to experience all three of these water sports while including the equipment and an instructor so anyone can hone their technique or learn everything there is to know. ORGT also offers sessions in their practice pool. Around Atlanta there are also other opportunities.  The White Water Learning Center offers individual and group training sessions for both all three adventure sports. And with the Chattahoochee and Lake Lanier just a few miles away, you’re never too far from adventure.


Want to get on the water but not in a boat? Try parasailing. This unique sport involves being pulled by a boat while having a parachute attached around your body. As the speed increases the para-sailor moves from almost surfing on the water to flying high above the water. Supported by the parachute, any person who attempts this sport will be able to combine both air and aquatic fun. Parasailing gear can be purchased at a local outdoors shop such as Dick’s but instruction is required in order for no accidents to occur. While there is not a place to parasail near the Atlanta area, there are some places in Georgia. Tybee Island Parasailing in Tybee Island, GA offers parasailing including boat rental and other tourist attractions.

Mountain Biking:

Mountain biking is pretty self explanatory, yet not as easy as some may assume. This sport may use the same equipment as recreational biking but requires a different level of strength and endurance. Mountain biking can be explored in any place where mountain paths are available. Usually the terrain involves gravely back roads that make peddling strenuous and difficult. To begin mountain biking the most important purchase or rental would of course be a proper mountain bike and all of the necessary protective gear. All of these things can be purchased at your local outdoors shop as well as a biking store. Stores like Atlanta Cycling or Atlanta Bike Tech, both which are locally owned. There are numerous places to bike in the Atlanta area including but not limited to, Waterworks/Mason Mill, Peavine Creek and Morningside Nature Preserve.  There is also a Mountain Biking group at ORGT here on campus.

Want to feel like you’re flying? Then skydiving is also called is the sport for you. The idea is simple. Get in a plane with your parachute, and perhaps an instructor , then go ahead and jump off! Many people love the free feeling sensation that one gets when falling through the air miles above civilization. There are numerous skydiving instructional centers in the Atlanta area. These include the Atlanta Skydiving Center and Skydive Atlanta. Both of these organizations offer the chance to fly high above the rest, for a little while that is.


And for those who want to explore the world around them in more detail all while at their own pace then hands down the best way to do it is by foot. Backpacking is just that. Travel mountains, forests, or even ther cities while backpacking. Hike throughout different terrain with others who share the same interest. But be sure to bring along the needed supplies. Supplies such as the backpack itself, flashlights, camping gear, which are all offered for rental from many different outdoor and recreation stores. The Atlanta Outdoor Club and the Atlanta Wilderness Backpackers all offer a place to get started with backpacking. Check out ORGT and the backpacking trips they offer every semester.