Tips and tricks for staying fit

After surviving gruesome finals and reaching the beautiful sanctuary in college life that is winter break, the last thing on many students’ minds is physical fitness. The holidays bring far too many delicious foods and Grandma’s cookies to overcome with ambitious goals of health. By the time New Year’s draws near, the damage has already been done leaving, you, the innocent victim of holiday merriment feeling glutinous and immobile.

But alas! On the horizon dawns a new year, with it the chance to start anew and make resolutions to change your lifestyle. reports that “getting in shape” is among the most popular resolutions made each year. It’s a difficult task, particularly for college students seeking to shed just those few extra stress pounds or the woeful freshman fifteen.

These easy tips, if applied with a generous amount of will power and self- control, will help ward away the weight weeks past.

1. Exercise at least four-five times a week – granted finding time to exercise can be difficult when balancing a loaded schedule. But if you set aside an hour every other day or so, the results are both physical and mental. Physical activity releases endorphins improving mood and giving you that “hurts so good” feeling.

2. Drink Water – Instead of grabbing that Starbucks double chocolate mocha-chip frappuccino every morning, try carrying around a water bottle and slurping on that every time you feel the urge.

Water flushes vital organs of toxins and carries nutrients to body’s cells. The healthy amount of water to drink each day depends on body size and ranges from two to three liters.

3. Get a Weight Loss Partner – It is always easier to adopt new habits when you are not alone. Having a friend to talk about your weight loss plan and to encourage you to continue can make or break your fitness routine.

4. Rest and Recover – Sleep cycles can often be hard to come by at Tech, but down time is crucial when adopting a new fitness regime. Without the proper amount of rest, the body cannot recover from workouts and will burn out.

5. Don’t Snack Late at Night – Now of course there are countless late nights, whether they be merited by schoolwork or by fun, but either way snacking late at night gives the body extra energy it does not need. It is recommended to not eat at least three hours before going to bed. If you have trouble resisting the temptation, try brushing your teeth after eating supper to help curb your appetite.

6. Make it Fun – No fitness habits will stay in place if they make you completely miserable. Try to make staying healthy fun by giving yourself small incentives and short-term goals. I too made staying healthy my new years resolution, and created a competition with my friend with a weekly reward (potentially involving money) to help both of us stay focused and on track.

No matter which method or routine you decide to go with, the most important thing is to commit. Every year far too many people make resolutions that only last for about the first three weeks of January, only to slip off the cliff of self-motivation into an abyss of old habits. Best of luck to all!