Students Speak: Favorite holiday of the year

With winter break fast approaching and a slew of exciting holidays in sight, students across campus are experiencing holiday cheer.

“Christmas is [my favorite holiday] because we get a big break from school and stress,” said Allison Dell, a first year ME major.

While a lack of school work is a relief for Tech students, the opportunity to relax and visit family and friends is an important part of holidays to many as well.

“Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday,” said Kami Finkel, a second year MGT major. “Usually it is only me, my parents and my brother. It’s the one holiday where we really get to relax and enjoy the company of the ones we love most.”

“I’m a major fan of celebrating happy moments with friends. When it really comes down to it, looking back at the past year for all the most memorable moments, good and bad, and celebrating future moments is the most enjoyable part. That’s what New Year’s Eve is all about,” said Erin Toombs, first year CE major.

“Unlike other holidays, you’re not required to buy gifts for all your friends, Starbucks doesn’t come out with a special cup and there isn’t a whole section of iTunes devoted to New Year’s music,” Toombs said.

For some, the excitement of the holiday is what matters most.

“[Fourth of July] is an awesome day to love America, and depending on where you are, it can be the biggest event of the year. In Washington D.C. it’s treated like the ultimate holiday, and it’s the best excuse to enjoy the synergy of the city,” said Sarah Grace Parr, a third year INTA major.

Sometimes, it is not about the traditions, it is about the people.

“New Year’s Eve parties are always the best. All my friends get together and make as many memories as we can before the clock hits midnight,” said Zac Jarman, a third year BME major.

“Everyone is always happy and excited to see each other. Even if you aren’t best friends, for that one night you become best friends. It’s the most exciting holiday of the year, and it’s always there to look forward to once Christmas is over,” Jarman said.

“I get gifts and apple cider [on Christmas]. It’s really exciting, especially when I see the tree for the first time, all lit up and surrounded by presents,” Dell said.

Regardless of whether it’s the excitement of a holiday or just the ability to relax instead of study, the memories of a holiday revolve around the people in it.

“When all is said and done, sometimes [on Thanksgiving] I just nerd out all day watching History channel specials on the evolution of pizza or fortune cookies while my mom and brother grill some steaks and my dad naps,” Finkel said.

“Yes, you can add food and drinks and fancy dresses, but that’s not the point. Holidays are about spending time with the people you love, not with the food or material things you love,” Toombs said.

As the holidays near, take some time to relax, eat some good food and go to a party. With a few weeks off from Tech, there’s plenty of time to make some long-lasting memories.