Students Speak: Memorable concert experiences

Concerts offer a different perspective and a new, greater appreciation for the music all around us. No matter your age, location or favorite genre of music, there are always concerts and shows to be seen and new bands to be discovered.

Whichever performance it may be, concert experiences can be totally unforgettable.

What makes a concert memorable can be the artist’s stage performance.

“My most memorable concert experience was seeing the Avett Brothers perform at Turner Field last April. I love the energy they bring to their concerts, they don’t need light shows or dancers or anything to make it fun for the audience,” said Lily Ponitz, a second-year EnvE major.

“[For my favorite concert experience], I’d say the homecoming Ludaris concert in 2010, since he covered most of his albums and gave his hometown a great show,” said Daniel McElhannon, a third-year MGT major.

“Since I’ve been here [in Altanta], I got to watch Mike Mangini and John Petrucci play together! Legends,” said Andre Lagoueyte, a fourth-year NRE major.

A concert can also be memorable because of the people. “I would say [my most memorable experience] would be the Audiotistic Massive hosted by Insomniac Events this summer in Southern Calif.

The people there don’t judge. No hate. Everyone’s friends even if you don’t know them,” said Sterling Deng, a second-year CHBE major.

Sometimes, it is not even about the band or show, it is about the experience with others.

“My friend’s dad got us tickets to some famous Asian guy’s concert in Taiwan. None of us knew who he was (turns out he was recently in the Green Hornet movie). But we were competing in Singapore at a gymnastics meet that weekend. Wse all flew on my friend’s plane and went to his concert,” said Blossom Shue, a second-year ECON major.

“None of us understood, but it was fun pretending to sing along even though we didn’t know the lyrics and could barely speak the language. It was fun, spending time, just four of us girls,”  Shue said.

For some, the only thing more fun than attending a concert in performing in one.

“The most memorable [concert] I was a part of was a celebration/tribute of Chopin’s 200th ‘birthday.’ I was invited to play with one or two other students and faculty at ASU. I performed Chopin’s Scherzo No. 1 in B minor. It was a really great concert because I felt honored to be invited to play, plus I absolutely love Chopin, so it was great to be able to be a part of a celebration of his music,” said William Sessions, a second-year BME major.

Concerts are out there, so get out and splurge on your favorite band or go to a concert by an unknown artist just for the hell of it. Squeeze your way into the front of the pit or be the one on stage everyone is eager to see. Whatever it is, may all your concert experiences be fun, exciting and memorable.