Musical talents visit in winter

Alternative Press Tour

The Alternative Press Tour is on its fifth year and showcases the pop punk bands that gloss the covers of the music magazine of the same name. This year, the tour focuses on heavier, more punk oriented bands such as Gallows, Title Fight and Sharks. Four Year Strong and The Swellers balance the sound with more pop influence and less attitude. Tickets are $16 for all five bands at the Masquerade on Nov. 18.

Mary J. Blige

Dubbed the “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul,” Mary J. Blige has been creating music and experimenting with genre boundaries for twenty years. Blige has earned a long list of awards and boasts a smooth voice that evokes emotion even without accompanying music.  On Nov. 25, Blige will be performing at the Tabernacle for $65-$125.


Mastodon is a progressive band that transverses nearly all genres of metal. The members of Mastodon pride themselves on their complexity, releasing albums that each deal with a specific element of the earth. With clear vocals, heavy guitars and an ever-changing sound, Mastodon has become a commercially successful mainstream band and are playing a short walk away at the Masquerade for $30 on Dec. 2.


After a long lead up of releasing only singles at a time and teasing his audience with cover art, Wale’s album Ambition was finally released on November 1st. This album is ripe with innovative beats and catchy rhymes. Wale is a new rapper, but has wasted no time collaborating with popular artists such as Lady Gaga. Wale will be at the Tabernacle on Dec. 12 for $20.

Big Sean

As his successful year as a hip hop artist comes to an end, Big Sean follows his VMA Best New Artist nomination with a tour that promises a night of music to make you dance. While promoting the album Finally Famous, Big Sean has also released singles since. On Dec. 11, Big Sean will be at the Masquerade for $20.

Zac Brown Band

Returning for yet another show in their home city, Atlanta’s very own Zac Brown Band will be performing on New Year’s Eve. Zac Brown Band has become one of the most prominent country bands in the United States, boasting seven number one singles and an impressive litany of music awards and nominations.  On Dec. 31, Zac Brown Band will be playing for $37-$74 at Philips Arena.