Preparing for business school

Thinking about business school to get the competitive edge in today’s job market? Stop waiting and take action today on things that could put you at the top of the admissions list in years to come.

While in college, it is important to not only do well in classes and maintain a high GPA but also get involved in extracurriculars. Business schools like to see leadership and initiative above all, so work your way into the upper echelons of your organization and learn to work with large groups of people.

Get work experience. This is perhaps the strongest selling point on an application, the more experience in the business world, the more dedication and affinity you show for a career in business. Strongly consider getting a co-op or internship.

From your job, develop a good-standing connection with your superiors, as their recommendations will reflect the most on your knowledge, work ethic and initiative.

Lastly, show schools that you are serious by taking finance and business electives, even if not required for your major. The fact that you express a strong interest for the subject later in your college career can offset a lower-than-desired GPA. Finally, start practicing for the GMAT.


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