Halloween Semi-homemade


Go back to the roots of Halloween and be scary instead of sexy. Buy rubber ears, nose and claws. Adhere on with latex glue and paint your face and arms with Halloween makeup.


Tropical Tourist

Find the tackiest Hawaiian shirt from Salvation Army and wear with a pair of cargo shorts and flip-flops. Accessorize with a sun hat and don’t forget your camera.


Katy Perry

Wear the tightest, shortest dress you have with brightly-colored stilettos. Bold, bright colors and glitter are a must when it comes to Mrs. Russell Brand.  Accessorize with a blue wig.  Now you’re ready for a great night, and you’ll bring a little California girl charm to this Southern school for under $25.


Big Bucket

Cut the bottom out of a bucket and use the handles as straps to keep the bucket up. Decorate the bucket with your favorite drink mixer, or even go big by using a bright red trash can to create a Solo cup.


Troll Face

Make a mask of your favorite face by printing out a picture and taping it to a piece of cardboard. Wear all black, since you are a floating face. Don’t be afraid to voice your displeasure throughout the night.


Spongebob SquarePants

Wear a white button-up shirt with a tie, brown shorts, and high socks. Better yet, go all out and create a 3D, over-the-body, cardboard costume.



This cute costume is easy to make and easy to do.  Wear a green shirt and pair with shorts. Cut out and tape black triangles onto the shirt. Make a bone for your hair by using four sheets of white paper and packing tape. Cut two of the four sheets in half width-wise and crumple up into four balls. Take the remaining two sheets of paper and crumple them up length-wise. Wrap all the pieces in packing tape and tape them together. Put your hair up in a high ponytail and insert the bone in-between.



Why not be the most loveable character around this Halloween? Buy a Buzz hat from the campus Barnes and Noble bookstore and pair with a Georgia Tech shirt, black tights, and hi-top Converses. Get all your friends pumped up and ready for a great night, and be full of energy wherever you go. You’re the life of the party.


To Hell With Georgia

Everyone loves some good old fashioned hate. Show your school spirit in this funny and creative costume. Wear a jersey or any other UGA(sic) shirt and pair with a devil horns headband.


Decades outfit

Hit up thrift stores like Salvation Army and Goodwill to find an outfit from your favorite decade for only $5 to $15. Wear a flowing floral dress for the 70s, legwarmers and neon colors for the 80s or denim and shoulder pads for the 90s.


Jedi Master

Have a sand-colored tunic lying around?  Wear some  neutral-colored pants and a brown felt robe. Tie it all together with a brown leather belt, and don’t forget your light saber. The only big expense would be some extra facial hair or even a Star Wars mask, and you’re on your way to making George Lucas proud.


Swamp Thing

Start with an old hoodie sweater and purchase a lot of thick, cotton yarn, green cloth and mesh. This may be one of the most time intensive costumes, but after a  few bottles of adhesive and sewing needles you can look just like the creature from the black lagoon.




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