STUDENTS SPEAK – What is your favorite thing about the fall?

Suddenly a shift occurs in the weather, so gradually, that it goes unnoticed until one day, you step outside to find a definitively icy chill in the air, leaves turning colors before falling to the ground,  and your shorts and tank tops provide inadequate warmth – Fall has arrived.

“I love the crisp cleanness of the air and the slight chill you feel down to your core. In the fall, I feel like I’m living inside Radiohead’s album ‘OK Computer’.” said Sabra Cordery, a fourth-year STaC major.

Along with the change in weather comes another favorite fall trend: clothing.

“My favorite thing about fall is definitely sweaters. When it gets chilly enough to start digging through the back of my closet for cold-weather clothing, it feels like I have a whole new wardrobe to choose from,” said Catherine Quesenberry, a fourth-year STaC major.

“Argyle socks go with everything,” said Brian Palmer, a fourth-year EE major.

For others, the season brings some of their favorite activities, including sports and television shows.

“Football, of course, is the most excellent part of fall,” said Foroud Azimi, fourth-year ID major. “Especially with Tech having such a legit record so far.”

“I feel like I wait through summer’s miserable line-up of new shows and reruns of good ones for the fall line-up of high-quality TV,” said Tanaya Joshi, a fourth-year AE major. “The Office, Community, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter…the list is endless of good returning shows. Finally!”

Fall holidays are also wildly popular with students, including the days off from classes provided by Fall Break and Thanksgiving.

“Halloween is my favorite thing about fall,” said Chad Hansen, a fourth-year BA major.

“It’s when the real freaks come out.”

Others are less enthusiastic about the change in seasons.

“Summer is the best – why would anybody be excited by colder weather” said Chloe Smith, a fourth-year ECON major.

“Fall just means that winter is right around the corner. All I know is that I’d prefer going to class in sweltering heat than the depressing, mind-and-body numbing cold,” said Ansley Barfield, a second-year INTA major.


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