Tips and Tricks

The typical life of a college student often does not offer the extent of financial freedom one enjoys under the shelter of our home. A college student can, however, wheedle out similar services for cheaper prices and in no other area is this more evident than travel. Here are some novel ways you can make the long journeys and still end up saving substantial money.

Use a Discount Website

Kayak ( will compile fares from over 140 sources into a neat search engine and is a great resource for finding cheap hotel and airfares. STA Travel ( is tailor-made for college students, offering very cheap airfares, inexpensive accommodations and packages for study and work abroad programs.

Be Smart While Flying

Travelling during the off-season is one of the best ways to save as tickets are cheaper, people are fewer and travel is easier. Avoid overweight baggage; that will just accrue to your travelling costs. One of the uncommon but effective ways to reduce travelling expenses is choosing alternate, lesser-known transit airports. Airlines pay less to park here and this leads to cheaper routes.

Be Smart With Room & Board

Besides looking for cheap accommodation online, get to know the locals as they can tell you which places are the best value-for-money. Take a break from hotels and give hostels a try; the right ones are as good as hotels but come with a smaller price tag. Also, communicating with friends through Skype is a much cheaper alternative to expensive phone calls.

Couch Surfing

Imagine having a close relative in every major city in the world that will take you out to a local restaurant, give you a personal tour of the city and let you sleep at their own home. On CouchSurfing ( you can connect with hosts around the world and plan a culture-filled vacation, learning a new language and cuisine style firsthand.

Dining on a budget

Sometimes the college student traveling abroad can not afford to dine at every cafe and bistro. Even McDonalds and fast food is more expensive in Europe, so save by purchasing food from grocery stores and cooking. Ask people what their favorite dishes are and how to cook them at home. Learn a new recipe while saving cash.


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