Study Abroad programs vary in cost, opportunities

Over 40 percent of the students at Tech participate in the ever-growing Study Abroad program. With over 100 total exchanges and programs offered and the exciting stories of friends and family many people hear, there is little mystery about why the numbers of Tech students participating only grows each semester.

Study Abroad’s most popular programs help to demonstrate how the monetary figures work. Four study abroad options are compared with a semester at Georgia Tech: the Oxford Summer Program, the GT Lorraine Undergraduate Program in France, History of Art and Architecture in Greece and Italy, and an exchange program at the University of Grenada in Spain.

The Oxford program, a ten-week program that consists of city-hopping the first few weeks and a stint at Oxford University in the U.K. for the second half, has a hefty total cost of $17,017. This represents a decreased cost for out-of-state students but is an increase in tuition for in-state students, who must pay $16,767. However, it is also one of the most popular summer programs available.

GT Lorraine, on the other hand, can be done during the fall, spring or summer semesters. The sixteen-week program comes out to a total cost of $14,733 for out-of-state students and $12,733 for in-state students, which saves even more for out-of-state students and comes closer to the normal in-state tuition for Tech students.

The History of Art and Architecture program shows a better example of one of the cheaper and popular Study Abroad options. At $11,437 total for in-state students, it technically only costs $30 more than in-state tuition. Exchange programs tend to fall in the middle cost-wise; for instance, the University of Grenada exchange program comes to a total of $13,976 for in-state students and 14,226 for out-of- state students.

Despite the increasing interest, some 60 percent of Tech students still choose to remain at home. There are as many reasons to skip studying abroad as there are to join the program, and each student has to make that decision based on money, time, a low GPA or a general disinterest in leaving the US.

Pacific Spring Study Abroad Program


Weeks: 12

Faculty-led program

Field projects, on-site visits and overseas courses

Destination: Australia, New Zealand

Courses Available: Aerospace Engineering, Biology, College of

Engineering, History, Technology, and Society, and LCC

Cost: $16,363


Brazil MGT Exchange 




Weeks: 16

Exchange program

Study at the leading Business school in South America

Destination: São Paulo, Brazil

Open to seniors in the School of Management or MBA students

Courses available: Accounting, Economics, Management

Cost: $9,076


TU Munich Study/Work Abroad Program


Weeks: 16

Most courses taught in German

Destination: Munich, Germany

Work or take courses, participate in internships with corporations such as Siemens

Courses available: Almost any discipline

Cost: $15,026


LCC Summer Program in Italian and Film Studies


Weeks: 4

Faculty-led program

Destination: Italy

Can combine with the second half of Oxford program

Study Film and documentaries

Courses available: Computational Media, LCC

Cost: $10,973


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